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Pestilance and Vermin


A new piece that started off as a tiny pencil sketch, then a better pencil, then an inked drawing, and then finally a full color piece. Pestilence and Vermin are two Sins who literally feed off each other's qualities and use that to spread it to humanity. Pestilence is the harbinger of deathly diseases in the world. He has the head of a fly and a long tongue that he uses to make people sick and his body is riddled with diseases which cause larger plagues. Vermin is a pest demon who interacts with Pestilence a lot. Pestilence's licks will carry sickness to Vermin's saliva while his lower toothy parasite between his legs (that's not his penis btw it was already eaten off and replaced by the toothy parasite living there now) it transfers his plagues to Vermin by sucking on her udders. Vermin then transfer this to the human world via contact with animals and humans via her bodily fluids (spit, sex, blood, tail, dandruff). Meanwhile aborted gummy bear fetuses crawl and feed off these two like mosquito pests...one of them has already made itself comfortable and evolved into a larger parasite in Pestilence's stomach; that's why its feet have already fused to the stomach now. Skitzo has already finished slicing open a large wound and drinking Pestilence's blood...now he's kinda in a rest state enjoying the feel of the blood pool on his hands and digesting his full belly of diseased demon blood. Sin has a little aborted fetus snack in his jaws as he always enjoys eating the little vermin that escape Abortion's lair (I assume they taste very yummy considering their half gummy bear blood and mosquito hybrid origins heh).

Oh yeah and as I wrote in my journal, I have this available as a limited edition print in my webstore now :D LINK http://inthedark.bigcartel.com/product/pestilence-and-vermin-limited-giclee-print

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Insanely grotesque, yet so well done.


that's a werid penis- I mean not to be that guy but might wanna get that checked out

Also amazing art

Do all the drugs . at the same time!

Comick responds:

Lmfao!! Thanks

I can't remember the name of the purple snake like demon, they appear in quite a few of your paintings, which kind are they again? it reminds me of the lice demons.

Haha Sin is eating those aborted fetuses again, i think he may be addict to them XD.

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May 6, 2014
7:29 PM EDT
Fine Art
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