Happy Duck Dream

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Happy Duck Dream

Author Comments

Edit: OH COOL FRONT PAGE! ^^ Thanks Ng!

Clash the duck is too sweet and innocent to see that his "happy" dreams of bubbles and corn floating in an ether of dark space are actually messed up nightmares fueled by years of abuse and rejection. All Clash sees is the popcorn that electric fish is making for him :) yum!

Drawn in Photoshop
Art (c) 2010 Crystal Gonzalez



Nice drawing and the monster kind of look like the fish in Psychonauts, is that where u got inspiration from? just wondering....

Comick responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! :)

I never played Psychonauts so...nope.

Holy mindfuck Batman!

Definitly a darkly, coiled painting/drawing; though, it still retains a sense of innocence. The electricity coursing through the freakishly mutated mermaid looks great, gives the mermaid-thing a presence of sorts. This duck definitly has some issues (don't we all?) but I wonder how eccentric and twisted Crash's dreams are (I think that's the name of the other bird/creature... uh, or is it trash?smash?slash?nash?cash?lash?dash?-- stop me anytime :P) Anywho, this pic is quite horrifying and should make younger children wet themselves. Looking forward to what else spawns from your mind and makes it's way on the wonderful realm of art. Keep up the good work!
P.S.-- Can't wait to see the final production of your comic. I would love to get my hands on one of your comics!

Comick responds:

HAHA thanks ChaosWolf! Glad the horror shows through despite the happy pallete I used :b And yes "Trash" has probably even worse dreams than Clash (which I plan to draw one day and scar little kids minds). And thanks so much for the nice comment! I'll be making an announcement of my comic on NG shortly :D

XD Sweetness!

I didn't read your comment until i was done contemplating the drawing and I must admit i got lost in the back of my head for like 5 minutes thinking... Hey, wtf do duck dream about... this could actually be very accurate O.O... XD I didn't think this was the actual subject of the picture! For a second I even though the duck was a signature by someone, but the little heart made me understand he loved the situation and from there on I just put one and one together and read your comment... AND IN A BRILLIANT FLASH OF ILLUMINATION I UNDERSTOOD!!! XD

Overall, AWESOME drawing! ^^ Nice job lol

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Comick responds:

Maybe the visuals were brain washing you to think "duck dream" lmao. Yes, who knew that ducks could have such things in thier head...or at least this one did XD. Thanks man, I appreciate the nice comment!


pretty crazy. i love the colors and deep space crazyness. these our my dreams, i guess i dream like ducks lol. this tripped me out. im too high for this shit but i love also.

Comick responds:

Haha I'll believe you about being high since your icon is a pot leaf XD. Also thanks glad you liked it (and have duck dreams lol).


is this a solution to the energy crisis? Electric fish power!!! ZAP!

nice work. the colors are amazAng as well as the detail and use of color to create surface texture.

Great Job.

Comick responds:

Haha I think it would take a ton of eels to make enough power and then we need to feed them...its too much work to get energy. :b Still it would be cool to see.

and thanks!! :)

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Credits & Info

4.33 / 5.00

Jun 4, 2010 | 3:32 AM EDT
File Info
600 x 600 px
378.1 kb

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