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Fibble and Sin- Couch Demon


This one took me a while! But I have not done a nice splash page of Fibble and Sin for a long time and wanted to make something new featuring them :) In this scene, Fibble sits down to watch a movie when he discovers an unsavory guest taking up half his couch, (and apparently it's also a remote hog!)

This couch demon is usually found in the lower levels of Hell and hangs around Sloth's lair. It collects the skin and bones of humans or lower demons in that area to build its mass and compose its shape...Each one looks different but they tend to collect multiple mouths and long sharp appendages to grab and drag in humans and prey....it has a favorite taste for human eyeballs and will collect human eyes for snacks. This one was lazy and instead picked up some "eyeball snacks *TM" on the way! Sin has no problem making Fibble's life a Hell and enjoys the chaos of inviting this demon to the house, much to Fibble's dismay. Evil birds are pests and in general always show up when scraps are present from larger demons...on very large demons some will even nest on them or try and hitch a ride in open wounds if they find a comfy spot (Gluttony has a lot of them nesting in his head wound actually!)

Drawn in Photoshop.
Fibble and Sin (c) Crystal Gonzalez

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sawesome reminds me of the movie the thing great work and makes me wanna watch it again lol

Comick responds:

Oh yes, the Thing was a super cool film. Poor Fibble wishes it was a movie, instead gets it right on his couch...real 3D effects!

am wondering, with which mouth does he eat the "ball snacks"?

Comick responds:

If you look just above his stomach to the right, a tiny claw is holding an eyeball and there is a tongue licking it...follow the tongue up and you see a long appendage with teeth and a wide jaw, THAT'S the mouth he uses to eat the eye ball snacks! haha

I find the massive amount of detail the creepiest part. I like the explanation for why he looks so pieced together.

Comick responds:

Thanks! The details on this took me a long time to draw haha Im glad it was worth the effort :)

Yeah you have to be a demon to actually like eyeballs, they are one of the worst things to eat (second to actual balls).

Comick responds:

I guess you don't like "rocky mountain oysters" hmm?? hahah

Gj, you've uploaded some new shorts? or are those on the way ?

Comick responds:

Thanks! Yeah some more shorts are on the way! :D With luck I should have some done very soon

Credits & Info

4.55 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2015
1:29 AM EDT
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1200 x 900 px
1.2 MB

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