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Fibble and Sin


This is Fibble and Sin, the two main characters of my comic, "In The Dark". :3 http://comick.newgrounds.
com/news/post/491408 (remove the space for the link to work)

I did this piece for an art contest. The theme was caricatures. I normally draw Fibble and Sin very cartoony, so for the contest I digitally painted what they would look like if they were real (semi-real haha).

This piece took me about 16 hours straight in Photoshop.
Fibble and Sin (c) Crystal Gonzalez

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I agree Ghost21b, it is truly a arts darkest fantasy in poetic terms. The devils come up from hell and tempt you. Truly a work for an animation. Astounding!

beautiful taste of HELL

i love the details you put in your demons and have that walt disney feel to them.
but this is still my favorite
the demon looks more like a wicked squirl then i see the tail and ears past the demented horns its just a dead chuwawa lol poor fibble
any ways love your work and cant wait for another animation from you




Wow. They look so real!
I wonder when anyone will go for this pic.

yay :D

i didn't know Fibble had different color eyes :D and so newgrounds doesn't get mad at me >:l i have to give a review. The picture is great and the backround is very suitable, the characters ahve very good features and i can tell you put A LOT of time into it, great peice, i gave it a 9 because of fibbles teeth, idk why they just look a little off ( i know he is suppost to have an underbite ) and that little hole on sins nose, it seems like it could be better with the shading, and take it a little back on the blending tool, it doesnt look like the piece fits completely together, and i THINK you were trying to make the teeth stand out on sin and i see how that would be good, but i think it could be toned back a little :/ and so i dont sound like im trolling, the peice has such a positive touch with fibble's hair, it's flawless and the rest of the picture is Beautiful those like 3 things were the only things i could find. So great job, I really can't wait for the series, and please keep up the great work, people need creative minds submitting their art :D

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4.46 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2010
6:32 PM EDT
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950 x 950 px
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