Addictions Ice Cream Party


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Addiction's Ice Cream Party

This painting was done for an art show in San Francisco and the theme was "ice cream". In this piece, Addiction is having an ice cream party. It is gripping that smaller demon's tail and making it produce an ice cream from its tail glands. The idea there is that when you are in Addiction's grip you are helpless and want more, so it's also standing in a fragile pose and licking Addiction's breasts. The unicorn on the other side (a creature of lust) is asking for Addiction's grip and its tail is ready with two flicking tongues. The head worm that's coming from Addiction's head is eating the ice cream and having a good brain freeze (Addiction's mode of eating/enjoyment comes from a mental state) and the big hole in the stomach is a sign of its lack of satisfaction (since an addiction is a constant pleasure but never actually satisfies). The demon goat guy in the front is already addicted....to ice cream made of addict's souls, yum! :b The little grey multi-eyed demon is called a "zipper mouth" and he actually hangs around the demon Anxiety most of the time (you can see him flying around Anxiety's shoulder in other painting "anxiety and despair give sin a cookie" But for this party, he loves a good ice cream as well, since various forms of anxiety leads to binges on sweets.

The sun character is melting a handful of people like an ice cream cone haha and the ice cream man is a victim of the carnage an addict's ice cream party does to his kind. This picture overall is a bit more fun and tamer then what Addiction would be like when its feeding on people ( it's a vicious creature and uses that stinger tail to inject its victims with a toxin that makes them comatose and docile while it eats their faces off with that set of smaller pointy teeth...and it's kind of funnel shaped since after eating the face it sticks the snout down into the neck meats and a bladed tongue licks the insides up and down and scoops out the lungs and heart to eat). Haha but right now Addiction is just chilling out with some demons having an ice cream! Yay!

This piece took me about a month (3 weeks) to complete and its 5ft wide and 7ft tall! I will post a picture of it hanging on the gallery wall as well and you can see the 3 smaller paintings I made that are companion pieces to the big one. But yeah it was really nice to get back into doing a big piece like this and made want to do some more soon!

Acrylic paint on canvas
(c) copyright Crystal Gonzalez 2013


this would be a picture that would put a child to say "this happens when you eat ice cream you become one of them" to prevent diabetes

When I saw the title, I immediately looked at the image and said, "ICE CREAM PARRRTYYY" in a demonic voice.. The ice has possessed my mind.. I CAN FEEL THE PARTY'S EVILNESS INSIDE OF ME!! I CAN FEEEEEEEELLLLLL IT!!!!!!!
Awesome work though, I love the dark vibe and depiction given; Anything dark in style always catches me, so this, is by far, one of my most favorite pieces; Kiss my ass to those who see this review as "being a kiss ass", I'm just speaking truth.
Amazing work!

Well done. Is this pornographic in any way, or am I retarded?

i've heard of attention to detail but this is above and beyond simply genuis its so original I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good old surrealism:) Even though I know it probably isnt, it reminds me of the pop surrealism in the 90s. Great work!

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