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This is the demon "Abortion". It's a large demon reminiscent of a gummy bear and a bug. She is constantly aborting smaller gummy bear fetuses and eating them to sustain herself. Since my last critique complained that there are never any "bright sides" to my work... (And of course demons must have a bright side ha-ha), so I made this one with an added "2nd chance" offered to the aborted gummies. If they outlast the reach of Abortion's grip, they will slowly develop into cognitive little creatures and chew off their umbilical cords to freedom. The longer they stay alive the more they develop...some in the picture actually have spouted some wings. But in the end they are still parasites, pests, blood-sucking mosquitoes that don't benefit the Hell they live in anyways...but HEY they didn't get eaten so there's the happy part. :b

Technically this is the most extensively detailed painting I've done to date. The thing took more than a month to finish and I used not only 8 types of grey paint, I used various shades of Mars Black, 2 kinds of dark purple, a grey-green tone, and some Ivory black...so it was a slave killer, this one. I even tried to take a BIG picture so the details could be seen more, hopefully.

!! Painted in Acrylic. 7.5 feet long !!
Abortion (c) 2009 Crystal Gonzalez

*And I'm sorry if this grossly offends anyone.

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well if it's just a plain old demon eating gummy bears...wierd cuz demon luvblood instead....BUT......it's rated 18+......so it took me 30 sec to figure out what the hell it is! A wierd pussy grown a grossy dick on top but u make it look like a demon.....kind of gross but ok kool idea bro, nice....job......10/10...


there ain't no mouses no more

Comick responds:

Yum Yum! ;b

A macabre sense of humor...


This is my favorite piece of all your artwork.
I think the detail is fantastic, the creature design is unique,
and the use of space was perfectly executed.

The only thing which could have been done better is that rabbit/rat things hand seemed a bit off.

By the way that rabbit/cat monster reminds me of the "Heck" character from the "earthworm Jim" series, was that a coincidence, or did you take in some inspiration?

Anyway awesome work!
- Celx

Comick responds:

Thanks man for the lovely comment! :) I see what you mean about the hands hmm i'll keep an eye out for it next time I draw them. also, haha i totally forgot about that cat! XD pure coincidence I think. Sin is not always this size, his anatomy changes from a dog to like a bull or large bear when he's angry.

good on ya

i really like this but abortion isnt always a demon...my mum would be dead if it wast for and abortion

Comick responds:

I left this painting open to interpretation of the viewer. There are more than one way to read what's being said here, and there is no right or wrong way to read this either. Some people see it literally as demon I guess....but others see it as society demonizing a concept.


i have no idea what is going on in this picture so im just going to give you a 10 and walk away.....

Comick responds:

haha okay :) well at least you liked it, so thanks!

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2009
1:54 AM EDT
Fine Art
File Info
1200 x 866 px
1.2 MB

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