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Cassius the Denied


Cassius The Strong was said to have the might of Hercules and the looks of an angel. That's why after many adventures he found a Princess that could rival even his own beauty. After years of love they were set to be wed. 

The Queen though was just as beautiful, if not as so kind hearted as her daughter. She was jealous of the Princess for finding such a beautiful man while she was stuck with the aging King, whose best love making days were FAR behind her. No matter how many times she's offered herself to the hero, he declined. 

She prayed to Hera for a way to have Cassius all to herself. For him and his gifted body to be hers and hers alone. Hera answered her prayers. The wife of Zeus, who's shared in the woes of the object of her desire always finding his way to younger, less deserving flesh. She gave The Queen a gift, it would work only once, but it would work. That night The Queen wept with joy.

The next morning while Cassius trained in the garden, The Queen casually strolled in, watching his amazing body flex and sweat. She offered him a playful challenge. 

Rome knew he was a warrior, but was he the strongest? Her as the Queen would accept nothing but perfection for her daughter and her kingdom. 

The challenge was simple, Cassius was given a pebble and over time it would get bigger. If the pebble was dropped he would not be allowed to wed her daughter.

Over time the pebble grew to the size of a bolder. The weight so great he had no choice but to hold it on his back. The Queen and her maids marveled at the strength on display as well as the muscles. What she liked most seeing was the quake in his well toned legs.

Suddenly she clapped her hands and command the challenge enter phase two. Before Cassius could react his towel was snatched away from him by two giggling maids.

The sight invited many chuckles from all the women there. Cassius's cock was a marvel to behold and showed no signs of losing firmness. One by one the maids came up to him, tempting and teasing his body. All the while the bolder grew in weight.

Tongues and fingers roamed his shaking form. Finding the best ripples and tears in the cuts of his muscles and making it tickle in the most delightful way. These were chambermaids and advisors, people who had watched the Princess for years. The head of them just the night before spoke with him one on one and said how happy she was they were together. Now here she was licking the bulbous head of his cock while sporting the same motherly smile she always had. All at the same time his nipples were tweaked and flicked. His body was on fire. 

Cassius was long since broke. He didn't let go of the bolder, but he kept uselessly trying to thrust into the mouth of the deceivingly sadistic maid. She simply tsked and kissed the pathetic cock for every failed attempt.

Once the Queen caught eye of this she saw it as good a time as any to strike. She strutted up to the horny hero, delicately tracing her fingers around Cassius' neck. Her face wore an expression of sympathy and contempt.

"I hold this competition for you to win my daughter, and you beg for the touch of another woman? How could you." The touching didn't stop as she spoke, especially attention to his cock. The curvy chambermaid only blushed and scolded his naughty penis before giving it a little tickle under the tip. 

The Queen gripped her victim's massive balls, unbeknownst to him casting her gift. The maid saw the stone starting to spread and knew she didn't have much time. Out of pity she'd do her best to make the young man cum before his fate. She sucked and licked with all she could as the other maids cheered her on. The Queen watched, biting her lip. Part of her also wanted to see this big cock cum one last time.

The pleasure was so intense that Cassius couldn't keep his eyes open. He had no idea of the changes that were happening to his body as bits of him started to turn to stone. From his balls, the stone spread slowly. The maid worked fast as part of his shaft was already lost.

Cassius felt it building. Nothing could stop him. The maid's tongue was too skilled and his body finally had to submit.

"I'M CUMMING!!!" Whatever nerves he had left burned as he shot towards the edge, all the while the busty chambermaid continued the sucking at his tip. He could feel it! He could feel it! Oh GODS so close!!

A sympathetic look came across the Maid's face as she popped her mouth away to show his stone dick. Smooth like anything you'd ever touch but stone none the less. Cassius' cock was now permanently frozen in time at the hellish edge of orgasm. He howled and screamed to be brought relief as the onlookers marveled at what had to be the most breathtaking peace of art they've ever seen. So big, so powerful, capturing the beautiful look one takes just before they surrender to pleasure. She felt as if they stroked it only once they could end his poor misery.

The Queen gasped in pleasure seeing her new statues fate. He'll forever know the denial she's felt for so long. Her head maid joined her on the other side of the quickly fading hero. She apologized for failing Cassius as best she could but her lust couldn't be hidden.

"Oh you poor man. My sweet, sweet Cassius. I tried my best for you my darling, but it seems it wasn't enough for your naughty cock....." She was cut off by Cassius's pleading. He begged her to keep trying, he had no idea the weight of the situation. His mind was completely taken by need.

The Queen cooed as she nuzzled her face against Cassius'. "No my sweet statue. It is too late for you." The head chambermaid did the same on the other side of his face. She looked at him with a comforting smile.

"I'm sorry sweet Cassius. May your soul find the peace your cock will never have." They both kissed him on the cheek as the spell completely overtook his body. Cassius was turned to stone. 


I mean that’s the story they tell at the Femdom Museum, but it couldn't be true could it? Nah... that’s just silly.... 

It's a big hit though, even if some women need to be told twice not to touch. The staff here LOVE IT.








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Huh . . . that's pretty fucked up. Lesson learned, when your fiance's mom wants to fuck, you do it . . . I've always heard being chivalrous gets you killed but . . . ugh, I'm still here. I must be doing something wrong . . . not helping enough old ladies across the street.

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May 18, 2019
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