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3.67 / 5.00

Mar 10, 2013 | 1:25 AM EST
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503 x 843 px
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Author Comments

what noise does a bunny even make



Rated 5 / 5 stars



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Lucky that you only have 4k words... I bet he could have *bla bla bla* 10k...

Anyways; she has a look on her face that resembles a look that a (rabbit)girls might have when she's given a choice. something like: "What else do you think this *carrot* is for, little pink bunny girl? You know you want the carrot, right? You want it. Take the carror... ".
I know, pretty weird, but that is just the look on her face!
But uhm... i'm VERY VERY upset about the coloring outside the lines, the color of the background and so on. I vote 4 (stars that is...)


Rated 3 / 5 stars

For anyone wondering bunnies don't make a noise unless they are being attacked and that disturbingly sounds exactly like a small child screaming.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

They scream/squeak. It's kind of a "GRIEEKH" but it's only for extreme pain or distress.

The background color schemes imply heat, or she's glowing to a point of going Super Saiyan...I don't like how the pencil lines of shadow and wall surface were just completely discarded, yet left visible as they were soft painted over. The background can either be blank or have something for us...this is something in between "blank" and "something" and it just doesn't work aesthetically. There's even a spot of the background missing in the bottom right corner.

Moreover, there's a lot of unnecessary lines that are left outside of the character that were clearly there for the sketching process. No attempt was made to conceal or erase them, and it makes it look pretty sloppy if we're told that this is finished....though it's interesting to see what the initial head size would have been, I would have like to have seen if you had made the facial expression more eased and seductive as opposed to timid with unconfidant body language.

I don't like the holes in the coloring (example: stage left heel and toe, the cotton-tail, as well as the shoulder and elbow), and coloring that has even gone outside of the character at a few points (in between the stage right heel and butt, the right side of the eartip)

I don't get pinup out of this. I get Deviant Art out of this. The strange choice in the background color schemes and weird, amorphic texturing next to this pink furry doesn't imply pinup at all. Pin Up girls are sexy without having to resort to nudity...a sort of classier breed of cat...err, rabbit...and their body language exudes confidence or fun, playful kind of sexy, it's inviting and it's cool. And what's challenging about it is the quality of pin up art generally hugs pretty close to photo-realism.

Granted, trying to do a pink bunny to photo realism would get weird really quick, especially an anthropomorphized version...Nobody wants to see Lola Bunny with 3 or 4 pairs of tits in between her shoulders and hips.

But even if you were to up the ante on the detail, based on what we've seen here, we have conflicting textures. We have fuzzy details on the ears, big soft and fuzzy tail, fuzzy head and....I guess the rest of it is fuzzy too...but this is where it gets..."fuzzy"...for lack of a better term...

...We have highlighting indicating a smooth surface on top of the nose in between the eyes. By context clues, we have similar highlighting across the tits and shoulders equally. Those tits and those shoulders don't indicate any texture close to fuzziness, yet there are no apparent borders of where the smoothness or furriness begins or ends...why am I making such a big deal about that? Because I have a problem with how the feet look. One...COULD...rationalize that the ankles are at Mega Man caliber widths due to fuzziness making the feet APPEAR bigger than they actually are...but there are no dimensions and no textures. Just weird, three-toed logs planted strategically to conceal either a human or giant rabbit vagina.

I don't mean to offend, none of this was meant to be outright offensive, this is just my balls-to-the-wall critique. I favorited you for some reason or another, so I know you're a good artist. But I didn't quite dig the bunny. I voted 4.

Civilized-Apocalypse responds:

hoooooly shit dude it was just a doodle of a bunny it wasnt meant to be a masterpiece obviously