Winter celebrations


Original characters. The guy on the left is Ross, on the right - Nort, here he's 16, later on he grew up to look like this: http://www.newgrounds.com /art/view/citrina/point-o f-no-return

Some of you might think this looks gay. Well, it is. Kinda. Ross is in love, Nort is in denial and wants to be friends. I wish I could say things worked out between them, but... Oh well. It soothes me that Ross ended up with a very nice and loving family (male, have no doubt about it)

This is an illustration to my original story. It takes place in an alternative fantasy-type universe, so the clothes/appearance are not in any style but a mix of many.

I used 7 of my photos (trees, fireworks) for background. Also, I used a photo of Clint Mauro as a reference for drawing Ross's face, not that it shows, grrr.
Photoshop + Wacom tablet

Bigger version and prints available at DeviantArt gallery: http://citrina.deviantart .com/art/Winter-celebrati ons-109683461

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No matter what anyone says...

...about the context of this piece, I believe it is still amazing. Great attention to detail, especially the glow from the fireworks in the background. A slight thought about the setting though. If fireworks are going off, it would be safe to assume that it is night. Wouldn't the snow be receiving a much higher amount of green from the lights then? Or if the moon were to be out, then it would be a bit bluer, blending into the green light. Just my thoughts on that.

There was one other thing that bothered me just a tad. Ross blends in very well. The edges where his body and clothing and the snow meet blends beautifully. That isn't what I was noticing. The left side of Nort (under the desctription that you gave, I'm going to assume that Nort is the person on the left), is kind of hard against the snow. I don't know, but it may be because the lights and darks of the brown jacket don't blend as well to the snow as Ross' white jacket. But mainly, Ross' hand holding the snowball. Hard lines. Though it contrasts itself enough from the snowy background, to pop it out, it flattens itself against the rest of the colors of that hand.

Then again, could just be me. Great piece though.

Citrina responds:

It's the other way around with names :) Like I wrote, Ross is the guy on the left, and Nort is on the right. But never mind that: yes, the hand with the snowball is a bit too rough against the snow, my bad. I used to make Photoshop drawings with a mouse for 8 years or so, cause I couldn't afford a tablet, so I got used to coloring scanned stuff (black outlines on paper). Later on about 2 or 3 years ago my very good friend gave me a Wacom as a present, and my style has changed very, very much, but I still have this bad habit of dark outlines.

As for the lights - I was afraid to give it too much color, imho it's better to keep it subtle in this case. If I made the lights more realistic, I'd have to a) give more contrast/shadows to the figures, b) consider snow a light source and direct shadows keeping that in mind (creepy lights from bottom, boo). Which would not be good for me cause I wanted to show all the details of faces and clothes plus a calm joyful peaceful atmosphere. Shadows would make it a more disturbing scene. So I figured it's best to do just a hint of real lights.


its really good just the characters feel to stifff like there dead or sumthing

Citrina responds:

Well they're not supposed to be moving around too much, it's a bit of a cliff-hanger: so Ross is trying to steal a kiss and Nort is not letting him, and then pow! pretty fireworks going off somewhere on the left, off screen, and Ross turns to watch; meanwhile seeing Ross's awareness slipping for a sec, Nort is trying to push some snow under Ross's collar, for which he needs to be cautious and not make a false move. So they both end up almost still for a moment.

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