Mutant Strawberry Clock

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Mutant Strawberry Clock

Author Comments



this one.. I won't lie.. was a bitch to do.. the teeth kept breaking.. so I had to support a few of them.. but the end result looks pretty cool - at least I think so.

also this reminded me of something - could't figure out what until I put it outside and it hit me - BAM! -The teeth are just like the aliens teeth from the simpsons :P



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Immensly detailed

Congratulations, you really did deserve to win the carving contest this year. I know that I have neither the temperance, nor the appetite for pumpkin, to enable me to undertake this wonderful art form.

The sculpture is mostly concealed and then, when darkness descends, it speaks unto us. What does it say?

"Shut the fuck up! Make me a sandwich!"

You've been pretty self-explanatory here, with the way that you picked out Kang and Kodos' mouths from the Simpsons as how the evil grin of SBC looks here. Perhaps I've never seen Kang of Kodos smile this much, but then again, with SBC usually just an animated clock face, I've not seem him do that either.

It would be great if you had a YouTube video along with this, showing us just how long it took you to make the piece, plus giving a few useful hints and tips for those willing to follow in your footsteps for next year's contest.

[Review Request Club]

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Chronamut responds:

it took me 6 hours to do this pumpkin - also I was paranoid I was gonna fuck this up - so being on camera woulda made me a wreck LOL.

I actually found that I actually took the same 3 pose pics but with the lights on - which actually shows WAY more detail in the teeth - I will upload those in a sec :)

pumpkins are great to carve - theyre just soft enough that you can really put expression into the carving and hard enough to keep their shape.. for a while.. the air sucks the moisture out of the surface of the exposing pumpkin - which is what auses it to curl - coating your exposed surface with vaseline helps stop this.

and thanks man - I was floored when I won - I expected maybe 3rd place, and if rena had participated, to not place at all like the other 2 years hehe..

I was actually debating with mamatequila a couple days before this what I could carve that would really make an impression on newgrounds and suddenly "mutent strawberry clock came to mind" and she really liked the twist on an old classic - it's something I never considered before - that you could tkae somethnig that is a classic on newgrounds and TWIST it - you don't HAVE to make it exactly like it is on newgrounds - because that is boring and that's what everyone expects you to do. It can bve tiring to see castlecrashers recessed into pumpkins year after year after year..

but I always found the alien teeth from the simpsons particularly frightening and so I thought needleteeth would be perfect - sadly it's very hard to using a bigass knife to carve into the pumpkin while saving those beautiful teeth you just carved in the process - lots of pressure would cause the blade to shear to the side, cleanly cutting off the teeth I had just carved hehehe..

as for those to follow in my footsteps - I honestly don't think anyone on this site aside from renae has the fanatical dedication to do that hehe.. but if they DID want some advice- if you are doing high detail - DON'T hollow the pumpkin out first - this weakens it - snip off the skin and then slowly recess your details in. Remember a pumpkin is about an inch and a half thick so you have that much carving potential - also never carve a pumpkin mouth farther than halfway out on the pumpkin sides - doing this will weaken the pumpkin and cause your mouth to sag shut.

now go make me a sammich coop you sexy mod you :P

thanks for the review!



Seems as if you put a lot of work into this one. The evil grin, the clock face and you even added those "dots" we can find on a strawberry (actually those "dots" are small nuts).

Impressive work here, man!

{ Review Request Club }

Chronamut responds:

they're small seeds - not small nuts silly :P

and yes I did put a lot of work into this - glad it shows :)

thanks for the review!


My eye balls are dancing with Excitement.

To be honest when I first read the title I thought this was going to be spam but I clicked the link and found awesome shit.

I really like when a user makes there art with a tablet or photoshop but they upload a real pic of there art like a sculpture or a hand drawn piece of art. And this was an amazing pumpkin. If pumpkins didn't rot (not sure if they do or not) I would be willing to pay for this. And one thing that I'm amazed you didn't forget was add the little seeds on the strawberry clock. "The teth are just like the aliens teeth from the simpsons :P" The teeth actually reminded me of that before I read the authors comments.

Little small. To wide and not enough height. I like pics to be higher not wider. But in full screen its just fine.

Nothing at all. Surprisingly you did great on this art. Your other pumpkin submissions are also pretty great. I guess you have a talent for this since you have done quite a few. pumpkin sculptures.

This art has been added into my favorites and you have been added into my favorite artist for your great pumpkin sculptures and the Cosmic Space Station and Cosmic Icestream art.

Your a great artist.

-Review Request Club-

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Chronamut responds:

I have been doing pumpkin carvings for a veeeerrry long time - I was always the best on my block and people actually used to come to our house just to see what I had carved that year - it was always a pride and joy of mine as they are soft enough to carve with expression and also hard enough to maintain their shape without going all gooey. As for the dimensions I try to put as many poses in as I can - you can always cut them up later - because if I put that much work into something - I want to show it off as much as possible :)

funnily enough seeing renaenae submit every year made me want to submit, and so I did - sadly the first couple of years I was handicapped as to what I could do becasue my neice was only a few years old and my mom prohibited me from making "scary pumpkins" - which is why all my pumpkins after the flame pumpkin until last year are all "happy" pumpkins.. which I found annoyingly challenging lol..

and yes I was happy with the teeth - my goal every year is to make a pumpkin as creepy and scary looking as I possibly can. I think next year I might do sharks teeth - rows upon rows of teeth jutting out from the pumpkin - it's all about the challenge - but with newgrounds the challenge is also in somehow working it into an existing character on the site. One that's recognizable enough - as that's how newgrounds always seems to choose the winner - doing strawberry clock I guess was a shoe-in for me this year :)

I would love to see someone make a flash off of this.

also pumpkins rot - fortunately halloween carving happens when the air starts to get cold - mine is still on my balcony - but it's all shrivelled and stuff now - well.. at least it was the last time i looked at it - I shudder to think of what it looks like now hahaha..

and it shouldn't come as a surprise -whatchoo trying to say - that I'm a sucky artist? Hahahaa..

and sweet :P

thanks for the review!


I'd be giving you the candy.

Like the title says, if I showed up to your door on Halloween (which is unlikely considering I've been a bit too old for that for a while), I'd empty out my Hello-Kitty tote bag full of snickers and apples that old ladies gave me. I'd empty them right into your hands. If you wanted, I'd even pick out the apples.

This thing is bitchin', absolutely bitchin'. Look at those teeth! How could you do that with pumpkin? I'm really astounded by the technical skill this must have taken. The clock looks like something straight out of a steampunk nerd's wet dream, which is a huge asset to the pumpkin in my opinion.

Little details really make all the difference; I loved the strawberry skin texture on the outside! That, combined with the eerie glow make for a scary-accurate depiction of what I'm sure SBC would look like after a zombie apocalypse.

I've got nothing to correct you on. Just keep doing pumpkins like this every year. Stay true to those details; it's what warranted all ten stars from me.

Review Request Club

Chronamut responds:

I submitted others other years - they're all uploaded here in my art submissions - go check em out :)

and sweet - kid candy! *om nom nom*

the teeth.. i won't lie.. were a fucking bitch to do.. carving tools help however. The pics however actually don't do the teeth justice - there are parts near the corners where i actualyl CRISS-CROSSED teeth - i had to recess carve one ehind the other and then have the points cross so it looked like he had big long sharp teeth right up to the very edges.

I think the teeth were the most detailed I have ever done - from a size p.o.v. - I wanted to make him have that simpsons alien needle teeth grin look - which imo is the scariest toothy grin you can put on a pumpkin.

the clock part I actually carved in the dark - with only the candle lit inside to guide me - as I had to slowly shave off more and more until I could get it bright enough while still having the wall of the pumpkin strong enough to stay supportive. then I got my trusty knife and made the slits - and carved some out so they looked like cracks emenating from the "eye".

the skin texture - I took a curved blade carving tool - smacked it in - rotated it 180 degrees - smacked it in the other side - and pulled - ripping out a diamond oval shape - I did this all around in gridline intervals. But not enough light was coming through - so I then had to take the knife and steb in the center of each hole all the way through so a sliver of light came through. You can actually see the tool I used for that in front of the pumpkin in the first pose.

The glow from the mouth came out really well - I was happy considering I just threw together a quick sketch to work off of - I wasn't even sure if it would work - If i was going to ahead of my skills and if I was going to ruin the entire pumpkin.. the problem with doing such fine detail like that is you're working witrh a bit of a tough medium and the blade can slip very easily - shearing off teeth - which happened a couple times - I had to reinsert some of the front ones with staples - which surprisingly worked very well. I was a little worried they wouldn't stay in.

I also mede a bit of a nice at the base of some of the teeth so that they would angle outwards - that severely weakens the teeth too.

And yes I wish I had been able to get some leaves and a crown for the top of his head - I think that would have completed the look - ah well - sadly I had neither.

Glad you liked it! I'm kinda glad renaenae didn't enter this year or Im sure I only would have gotten second place hehehe :) - but who knows maybe I woulda beat her :)

thanks for the review!



Pretty badass pumpkin if I do say so myself. The attention to detail on this is surprising, and it looks great. The teeth and insanely huge grin are great, and the clock was carved very well. I'm sure the teeth were a bitch, lol, and that sucks you had to try and support some of them, but the effort paid off and the smile looks great.

I like how you stabbed all around the pumpkin to actually make it look like a strawberry's texture. Keep up the great work.


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Chronamut responds:

this pumpkin actually won first place in the newgrounds pumpkin carving competition this year - I'm glad you liked the effort that went into it- about 6 hours worth if I recall :)

thanks for the review!


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4.72 / 5.00

Nov 1, 2010 | 3:04 AM EDT
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2100 x 525 px
401.2 kb

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