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High Ogre Elessidia

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Jun 17, 2009 | 9:12 PM EDT
Fine Art
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Author Comments

This is my rendition of one of the High Ogres from the dragonlance series. The High ogres were said to be born from the tears o Takhisis - thus their blue skin. They are roughly 14 feet tall and live to about 2500 years - the longest of all creatures. Elves are a lesser version of the irda and humans are an even lesser version of that.

The High ogres were the most beautiful race on Krynn - they had vast magical powers and were highly intelligent. They created works of unsurpassable beauty and were known throughout the land as perfect creatures. In the end though they became corrupt and started worshipping themselves instead of the gods. Thus when chaos came and transformed everyone to match their inner beauty the high ogres were transformed into hideous ogres of low intelligence and savage brutality.

Before the transformation however a few High ogres escaped and settled on a small island - sadly it seems chaos destroyed these beings as well.

As it stands however one Ogre Magi Ancestor happened across a high ogre tomb to which their ancestors granted this being the knowledge of their entire civilization. With this this man was successfully able to reverse the curse of the ogre on himself and become one of the beautiful race of the high Ogres once more - on the outside anyways - the only difference being when he smiled - he showed rows of sharp shark-like teeth instead of the beautiful and utter perfection on the inside and out of the original high ogres. These ogres became not the High Ogres, but a new race called the Ogre Titans.

With the help of the elve's blood, he was able to convert more hideous ogres into powerful Ogre Titan beings. However, the process is not flawless, and these beings must constantly harvest new elf blood to maintain their beauty - otherwise they degenerate to a state worse than that of the brutal ogres. The jury is out as to whether or not they can actually convert their race back to the beauty and prestige they had in the age of dreams.

This is Elessidia, A female High Ogre of my own creation, the pinnacle of music and song evolution in the High ogre society, causing her ears to grow long, with exceptional hearing.

Said to be one of the few remaining High Ogres to survive both of the comings of Chaos - the transformation caused by the Greygem, and the Chaos War. She is a powerful sorceress and her voice is said to be the most beautiful on Krynn, while her singing rivals that of a god. Unlike most of her brethrin however she is good/neutral aligned and chooses not to meddle in the affairs of Krynn, possibly one explanation for her continued unaltered existance.

She is said to dwell on a small island, although the whereabouts of its exact location are still unknown. It is rumoured that others from other races dwell there as well that have also achieved musical perfection. As a result it is also rumoured that the island itself is under Branchala's protection.

medium - watercolour pencilcrayons, pencil, black outliner.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

scratch that last review i made

this one's my favorite. I truly favor the color scheme you chose to go with this one. It adds so much more beauty to the character.

Chronamut responds:

yes the pale blue adds a subtle cold beauty to her :)

thanks for the review!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

o this is cool

i like her hair moveing and her hand on her cheast... she looks like shes talking to someone and moveing forward. although if she was walking forward, move her feet over forward a little bit more.

Chronamut responds:

She's not moving forward - shes eternally posing- like a statue - frozen in the moment :)

thanks for the review!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Great use of artistic talent, I love the hair and how the wild colouring contrasts with the elegance of the rest of her form.

People find this review helpful!
Chronamut responds:

yes - I think its a good portrayal of the high ogre race.

Glad you liked the colouring :)

as for elegance I was going for carefree perfection - not forced, not over the top - just simple elegance with a touch of nature :)

thanks for the review!