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Demonic "Goin Up" Pumpkin

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4.73 / 5.00

Oct 31, 2011 | 10:16 AM EDT
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4000 x 600 px
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Author Comments

Alright here is mine - it is a toothier more demonic version of the demon from "goin up"

In reference to the above pics - I went for stalactite and stalagmite teeth this time around - those teeth were the biggst BITCH to do cuz I had to carve them way into the punpkin while not shearing off all the teeth above and below.. and layer them into the pumpkin and plan that out before I carved it.. in the end he looks more like a bat out of hell more than anything but I still think it's a cool look :P

also they don't show up too well but the horns are hollow and light up too :) - the eyes have been collowed to bare minimum pumpkin skin so the light shines through but they still have pupils :)

Also I didn'y scoopt the pumpkin out - I carved right into it and put the candle in through the mouth - thought it gave it a more "cavernous" look - as that's what I was lookig for - a mouth that looked more liek a cave with stalactites and stalagmites :)

all views of it including a video can be seen here: http://chrona.the-beach.c o/goinup/ (take out the space in co)

*EDIT* 2ND PLACE PUMPKIN CONTEST - thanks newgrounds!


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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


It's a nice little carved pumpkin I've seen. Definitely not the best, but also not the worst I've seen...There's not much to talk about here, seeing this is a photo. I'll still try anyways :p

The teeth are jagged and there's an "off" tooth that sticks out to show that it's possibly the main teeth. The candle can be seen clearly, and the eyes are round and...well, perfectly round! One eye's smaller than the other, possibly to show relative swelling in the other. The image in screen #4 also reminds me of the "shocked" emote in the BBS, and I think this pumpkin also shows a shocked expression.

I can't spot anything wrong with this, except for maybe the blurriness in the pictures. When I clicked on "Full size", it took me a while to load -- considering that it's 4000x600 after all -- but when I saw the picture, I found that not all parts were created equal: I saw a crisp, clear image of the pumpkin in one screen, but a very, very blurry image in another screen. The images are also a bit dark, and it was hard to see parts of the pumpkin away from the candle due to the bad lighting. Maybe you could've used flash photography?

All in all, a good carving of the pumpkin, and I'd say this is not bad at all! However, there were a few flaws in the capturing of this image, and that just ruined it a little for me.

~~ Summary ~~

~~ Good points ~~
1) Good carving
2) Appropriate detail on pumpkin
3) Good facial expressions shown

~~ Bad points ~~
1) Dark background, no flash
2) Blurry images in some panels

[Review Request Club]

Chronamut responds:

sadly this was very hard to get a clear pic of as the flickering of the candle adds to the blurriness, as well as me trying to hold it steady for 5 seconds as it takes its time to take the picture - I feel I lost points more for camera pic quality than quality of carving itself, which is a tad frustrating. The eyes and tooth are iconic points of the "goin up" demon as he always has that tooth and stupid surprised look on his face, as well as the horns which you can barely see sticking out of the pumpkin.

If I had done it with a flash it woulda given the pumpkin an entirely different look and you wouldn't have been able to see inside of the pumpkin. Still I took some progress pics, maybe I will upload those.

I also took a video which you can see in the description which shows it a bit better.

Also the inside of the pumpkin isn't scooped out, which gives it a more cavernous appearance.

If you click that link you will also see more shots of the pumpkin - I am a little disappointed that the majority of review request club members didn't READ my description fully as if they had a lot of their concerns would have already been addressed.

also "not the best" is always painful to hear when one does their very best putting 10 hours into it and then to be slammed because he had difficulty holding the camera steady.

also do you have any idea how difficult is is to carve MULTIPLE rows of teeth with teeth poking up above you and very little room to maneuver? I doubt anyone else on this entire site could have pulled that off...

also the point wasn't to see the parts away from the pumpkin - the point was to see the pumpkin - all my pumpkin images are like that.


thanks for the review!



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Not the best

That is not as good as your strawberry clock one but better than what I could do since pumpkin carving I imagine would take awhile right? That and you need markers and such to tell where to cut too right? This actually is pretty nice though.

If anything I would recommend maybe stiller frames I guess. Aside from that, well done.

Overall, nice.

Review Request Club

Chronamut responds:

lol its more complex than the strawberry clock one!

And no I don't use markers - I draw it on with pencil.

check out the video in the description for a better view of it.

thanks for the review!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Mission accomplished!

IF your mission was scaring the kids when they come trick-or-treatin'...

Chronamut responds:

meh whatever works :P

thanks for hte review!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Still an awesome pumpkin

You spent your pumpkin well. Once again it's a great one, and you have a pumpkin carving skill almost nobody else here has.

It wasn't a very distinctive thing you carved though. It might have been a lot of characters with pointy teeth. In that sense, you did better last year.

I do have to subtract a point for the horrible photo's . It's less scary if half of his teeth are blurred. And it would be better if you placed it against a black background, since the cars are kind of distracting.

Once again a great quality pumpkin, but I know you can do better.

Chronamut responds:

that's why i provided the link in the description of all the OTHER photos I took of it :)

and yeah it was really hard to do that charactwer while still making it to my quality standards. Still I think I did a good job.

thanks for the review!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not your best

When judged alongside your own lofty standards, I feel that this isn't up there with last year's Mutant Strawberry Clock, which was frankly awesome.

I think that may be down to the image quality as a whole, that has cost you - there is a degree of camera shake and "fuzz" to the images, which does make this image less appealing. I prefer the look of the older ones, which have no doubt since been eaten or have rotted away to nothing, such is the plight of your craft.

The lines of the mouth don't look as striking as before, the face seems to have a look of scared confusion with the eyes, perhaps this was not the look to be given to a pumpkin for Halloween, which you now have to live with.

I hope that it provided you with a good meal as well as the satisfaction of creating. I also hope that you'll have something better next year.

[Review Request Club]

Chronamut responds:

Ironically that is the curse of non-flash photography - you have to hold the camera very still to get a clear shot.

The pumpkin itself has more detail than last years teeth wise. It has rows upon rows of teeth, so in essence it IS better than last years. Not much I can do to convince otherwise - I laso hae to work within the restrictions of making it look like a character on newgrounds and not making it look way off. The demon from "goin up" had that stupid surprised look on his face, and thus I had to stick with that.

I strive for better and better looks, but as far as newgrounds goes I still have to work with the restrictions of my subject matter. So ewgrounds must give me better material to work with ;)

thanks for the review!