Cosmic Angel


well here is another fractal made with apohysis 3d and photoshop - enjoy!


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Speak to my girlfriend

EchoRun loves using this program to create fractal pieces and she's done some pretty good ones. If the two of you compared notes, you might find that you assist each other to achieve better things. Who knows?

The effects of the ripples that make up the "dress" of the angel look really nice up close and personal. While the stars aren't as crisp as I'd have liked to see them in the background, they are serviceable enough to make the piece take on a lot more depth and substance.

How long have you been using Apophysis? It's an easy tool to learn and a very difficult one to master, so I have seen from the many hours spent looking at screens to tweak the images to just how my girlfriend likes them, before butchering them and creating collages to give the overall effect. Perhaps that's your next step?

The contrast of colours gave it a nice touch, as did the new born or perhaps dying sun forming the "head" of the angel.

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Chronamut responds:

yes I am well aware of echorun - I am a big fan of her fractals and how she makes them look almost glassy - perhaps we should compare notes.

as for how long I've been using them - I don't even remember - since I submitted my first one I suppose? However long ago that was - a year? Two years? I don't do them that often anymore..

ther stars got a little blurred because of the "dust" that is blown off of the angel which actually blankets a lot of the picture - I probably coulda eased that off but meh gives it more of a nebula feel imo.

the angel is actually 2 merged views - one at cardinal position in 3d space and one in 45 degree cardinal space. I messed a lot with the colours to figure out what would make the best complement - she was originally light blue but I didn't like it - then I tried adding more colours but I found it was.. too much.

and yes apophysis is a very difficult tool to make do what you WANT it to do - but I feel I have a pretty good grasp with it - thus how I could make everything exactly how I wanted in this picture :)

and I dunno about collages.. to me it sort of feels liek cheating - that way you have to do less for each fractal - but if you combine enough it looks good - you know? I'd rather pull it out from the ether complete :)

thanks for the review coop!


Full size for full effect

It's pictures like this that make me wish I had a 16:9 screen at home. Very impressive if viewed in full size.

I like the atmosphere you created with this piece. Very spacey and mysterious without beeing kitschy.

I also like the angel figure here. It leaves much room for interpretation as to what exactly this creature is. Some sort of god? Or just another life form without any special "powers"?

Good pic. :)

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Chronamut responds:

lol kitschy.. that's not a word you hear often.. most people use "chincy" hehe..

and yes art is at its best when interpreted differently from many people's P.O.V.s :)

I am happy :)

thanks for the review!



Indeed quite good. A beautiful image, looks to me like an intergalactic cloud of the remains of a supernova - yet to be discovered. The Chronamut Cloud possibly?

After looking closer, I can totally see the sword that another user commented on. Intentional or not, that's cool.

The cosmic angel's dress looks fantastic as well, and all the colors used in this strike me well.

The void of space behind her looks quite realistic under the assumption that this was taken with some special high tech deep space camera of some sort.

Unfortunately, I've had no experience what-so-ever using that 3d program, so I can't really comment on the effort here...how long did this take to make?

Beautiful picture regardless. Keep up the great work.


Chronamut responds:

it took hours to make - it's like anything - you have to be able to mold exactly what you want.

I also made the bg picture using static and filters and colouring parts how I wanted to - and adding extra stars here and there :)

the key in these is the filtering - i generally put the star bg above and below the fractal and then screen it so that the stars shine through - making her look semi-translucent - a lot of work goes into making it look just right - at least for me - others don't put quite as much effort into theirs.

and yes I have my own galaxy. It blew up out of sheer awesomeness.

thanks for the review!



This is not what I expect when I hear the word "fractal." I think of some shapes repeated over and over collapsing into a bigger shape; I don't think of some angelic demigod staring at me from the depths of outer space. It's a bit refreshing to see this.

The angel is readily apparent. It's not hard to make out a head and a flowing dress right there in the middle of the picture. Definition in the limbs seems to be lacking, but I guess for such an abstract concept that would be excusable if not the wisest approach. Floating in front of the purplish, glowing background also adds to the mysticism of the piece.

I almost feel like the angel is watching me. There's a lifelike feel to its look. Combined with that imposing background, a viewer gets a hold of an incredibly gripping image. The whole piece is incredible!

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Chronamut responds:

realize that this angel is actually 3 dimensional - so she looks the exact same from 4 different angels - thats really fucking hard to add more definition than I have without it fucking up the 3d fractal - hell the crown on her head was hard enough to do :)

I originally had eyes on her but it was just too distracting - I liek the faceless look better.

and yeah I've carved a new standard on this damn site for fractals - it disgusts me how little effort is put into a lot of them on this site. However for some a lot of effort is put into them and those I like :)

glad you liked it :)

thanks for the review!


Holy sod on toast

I think she is holding a sword

Chronamut responds:

hmm yeah I see that now - cool!

thanks for the review!


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Nov 14, 2010
3:06 AM EST
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