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Goomba's Last Moments

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Sep 19, 2009 | 6:39 PM EDT
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Author Comments

Poor little goomba.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

oh dang it...

This picture is pretty good.


Not a bad idea and well portrayed too. You have a good way of turning ideas inot solid art so keep it up. Good work.

=Colour Choice=

Colour choice was good too although i noticed the same thing about the eyes as Coop83 so you might want to change that.

Background didn't contrast enough with the main image so you might want to change that too. But still, not bad work.


This is whatu need to work on. it isn't much of a background as it could use more variety.

As i mentioned already, the colour is way too similar to that of Goomba so that is something you might want to work on.

This section is what ur weakest at so work on it and u'll get a better score next time.


Not a bad work, outlines do need to be thinner though but Goomba was well portrayed,

i especially liked the shadows as they portrayed what u wanted to say very well. Good job at this and keep up the good work.


As i mentioned in the above sections, i really believe that this is a very good piece but work on the negatives i mentioned and it'll be even better.

-Review Request Club-

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chesster415 responds:

Cool, thanks. I do think the background should be worked on, but I couldn't think of a floor choice for a Goomba that would describe the setting from this angle better than bricks. Most of the floors in Mario Bros. games are shown from the side with a cross section. The textures don't really have much in the way of overhead details. And a Goomba in a fortress doesn't seem as pitiable. A lot of people seem to want thinner lines too.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

"Aaw, crap."

Not a bad little image, this one, though I would have to question why the Goomba has blue eyes - I've never seen a picture of a Goomba without either brown or black eyes before.

I love the shadows that you've put in here and the only way I can see this starting to look better is if you've put some effort into making the goomba look less two dimensional. The way that the image has been rotated and the camera moved, it's a really nice looking concept, but to keep it away from being more three dimensional is where you lose out.

A decent take on the floor, possibly requiring some sort of background of a sewer pipe, since we are in the mushroom kingdom, after all.

[Review Request Club]

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chesster415 responds:

I gave the Goomba blue eyes because I thought it looked cuter that way. Black didn't seem colorful enough, and there's a lot of brown already. Blue brings the focus of the picture to the eyes. A three dimensional look might be pretty cool, but it's more of a cartoony look I was going for, although the floor could be adjusted. Thanks for the review.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


Heh, I had to giggle after seeing this picture. Nice job!

Colours were awesome over here, and fit perfectly with what you were aiming for. The shading is obviously the best over here, though, since it looks perfect, is blended in really well, and although the shading of the Goomba was a little rusty, its shadow and mario's shadow were excellent.

As for a drawing in itself, I wasn't extremely impressed, but it still looked nice. The Goomba looks much thinner and odder than the real Goombas, but I doubt you'd be able to make it look like a real Goomba without making it look this innocent and with such big puppy-eyes. Still, the floor, as Haggard said, was a little strange and looked more like a wall, along with the fact that it was too plain without any stone texture, dirt, chips on the stone, etc, although I liked how you drew the eyes.

It's a funny picture, which actually makes you pity those Mario-hating Goombas. Still, the fact that the wall, sorry, floor looked so plain and needed to be flatter is what took down the score in this review. Oh, and make the lines on the Goomba thinner.

-Review Request Club-

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chesster415 responds:

Thanks, I was worried that the Mario shadow (or maybe it's Luigi's, I don't really know.) was too subtle and that people would just see a shadowy blob. The floor was supposed to be some of those ubiquitous, uniform bricks seen just about everywhere in the Mushroom kingdom. I've never quite understood why they need so many useless hovering blocks of bricks. They're very rarely used as building material and they aren't very sturdy to boot.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Poor goomba...

This is a very sad and frightening looking goomba. I guess Mario is about to take just another life and bring misery over just another goomba family.

The colours in this picture are very nice, all of them fit together nicely.

But there seems to be something wrong with the floor. I think the lines should have been a little "flater", because right now it looks a bit like a wall, not like a floor.
But maybe that's just me and there's something wrong with my eyes. -.-

{ Review Request Club }

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chesster415 responds:

Frightening? The Goomba wasn't meant to look scary. It's a look at the flip side of the the protagonist/antagonist perspective. Not everything is as black and white as video game programmers would have you believe. Now that you mention it though the perspective of the floor probably should be a bit less orthographic. Thanks for your review.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

~ Review Request Club ~

Wow, this is the first art review that I've written in quite awhile. Let's see how rusty I am.

The title is great because with the shadow you can tell someone (Mario I'm assuming?) is above him ready to finish him off. The shadow of what I assume is Mario looks very good and the shadow of the Goomba is also very nice.

The color of the floor looks rather good. I think you used a good combination of colors as they all seem to go together quite well. You also used good colors in the Goobma itself.

I do think that the lines that you used in the Goomba did look alright because it gave him a very cartoonish type of feeling, but I also think that you should have cut the thickness of the black line down a bit to make it seem a little more neater.

Overall it is done pretty well. Good use of colors and shadows. I do think the lines in the Goomba could be a bit thinner though.

~ Review Request Club ~

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chesster415 responds:

Cool thanks, I did want a cartoonish cute look for the goomba. They always get portrayed as a generic enemy.