10 Things Not To Do In Britain


Dave & Carl #561 - '10 Things Not To Do In Britain'

#11: Forget that Wales exists.

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I guess these weeks some nifty ideas you came up with I really love that ending frame and love all the color in this one I have to say this one was a different kind of comic this time but you still showed some humor in this one so with that said nice job here


#1 is referring to Scottland's sense of pride.
#2 is something I don't even do in my homeland of America unless I get the stuff soaked in too much vinegar and the shit starts crumbling in my hands.
3# is that I guess there are literally no seats on trains in good old Britian in general.
#4 applies to almost all countries outside of the US I believe but nice try.
#5 despite being a continuation of #4 says I messed up #3 on purpose because they're on the same key.
#6 is open to your own interpretation. I personally believe that Nessie could be a thing but all the "proof" has been misinterpretation from day one and now it's just easy to debunk or otherwise poke fun at... *wink wonk*
#7 tells me to yell that I should call it soccer to piss people off despite knowing it's only soccer in the US.
#8 is also applicable to the US and probably a lot of other 1st world countries, like Canada.
#9 must be the British form of the Huff Post and NY Times.
#10 I think is because you aren't actually allowed anywhere near Stonehenge without going through all sorts of screenings (to avoid graffiti at the very least, but more obviously terrorism).
Just allowing myself the guilty pleasure of writing this, being an Aspie and all. I really look up to you Chad and can't wait for more comics to over-analyze in the future!
To explain the whole guilty pressure thing, I hit swings with different ways of coping, and right now I require criticism in all its forms.
Hell I bet you could make some character for your comics just based on this review, as creative as you are.
I can't keep a constant tone of voice and this is bugging me. I'm just gonna stop writing this review before I go overboard and fill up the character limit with the rest of this nonsense.

ChazDude responds:

This is one wall of text I'm truly proud of.

The sun really is brighter than you'd expect what with all those ever-present clouds. XD Entertaining advice bits and wise wit! Nice it's.


10 things not to do in america: just kidding, FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM

Thanks for making this, or I would-a had to find this all out the hard way.
' Migrants EAT Babies '
-Some Newspaper entry, 2017

ChazDude responds:

The Sun is just cancer, and the Daily Mail is the absolute arse of newspapers.

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