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Nov 10, 2015 | 9:20 AM EST
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378 x 598 px
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It's my first digital art so there isn't any real meaning to it so I just wanted to submit stuff and get feedback. Thanks and I hope you enjoy!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

good start but It would have been nice if the background was drawn by you. The composition is ok, but it does look like she is floating. This is because of the tree, for this to make sense with the way the tree is sitting you would have to have her feet below the bottom of the page, character design is a bit crazy but I like that, it's different and she is cute. I would also say that because you haven't painted the background and it is a bit dull and dark, it just doesn't go with her at all. The pattern across her top is a bit too straight, it looks like a stamp, you need to put curves and bends in it to make it look like it is flowing and clothes-like.

Digital art is hard and it takes a bit of time to get used to, it is also hard to not just say "well its digital I can just copy and paste" any one can do that but you want to stand out and make your stuff your own. Eventually you will be able to understand everything more. What program did you use for this?

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ChanTheGamerMan responds:

Just Photoshop CS 64-bit with a Wacom intuos tablet


Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is good...but I don't understand all the crazy clothing she is wearing. Plus her hair doesn't make sense as well. To be honest, I thought that the preview was better than this one. The girl in this drawing stands out too much, and like I said her clothes doesn't add up to the background of this piece. She also looks as if shes floating in air. The background is too plain for her crazy colored outfit, and the character has too much going on and wearing too many bright colors and patterns that don't add up. I like the shirt and the crystal she's wearing, but all the other things doesn't make much sense; The devil tail, brightly colored boots, the cheetah patterned shorts and the kerotan belt. I do like the background but This would do so much better if you actually drew the background than taking a picture of your backyard (i am guessing).

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ChanTheGamerMan responds:

I appreciate the review I just kinda pulled this out of my ass because I have not submitted anything in a while and I just wanted to put something out there. It's actually not a picture of my backyard it's a royalty free picture which means i have the legal right to use it in this format even though i didnt take or make the picture. So it's not a copyrighted picture which is pretty cool but even some royalty pictures you have to buy a license to use and there are still limits to what you can use it with but this was on like the only website that didnt charge and all the others were actually a lot more shit than this. So I'm sorry this doesnt add up I know it. I just wanted to put something out. So sorry but hey I dont have much time to work lately so I will learn to optimize my time better! Thank you! :)


Rated 4 / 5 stars

it's a very nice start man, when i began digital art it was a giant learning curve, the shantae picture i did is actually the first i felt was alright enough to post, there are tons of other pictures i did where i was just getting my bearings. But i really like this character design you went with. but if i did have to give a few pieces of constructive criticism; thicken the outlines around her just a little bit, and give her a background you created, even if it's just a solid color with some crazy design. I think lastly it would just be shading, but i know how much of a pain in the ass that can be, it really does take a good amount of experimentation to get it down just right, hell, half of the time i try and i'm sure i screwed up. I think that's about it, digital art is a good contrast from traditional, for your first piece i think this is good, i really do like this character, she's a cutie. take some time to experiment, even if it takes you months! practice is everything.

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