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Shy sebastian


Hey howdy folks! Hope you're doing well!

Today I would like to share this new illustration continuing with my series of marine life based characters, a series where I try to do the characters anatomically accurate as possible while trying to keep the original cartoon design as much as possible. This time is Sebastian from the Little Mermaid! And I tried to do him anatomically correct with conserving what makes Sebastian be Sebastian, like the face for example. He's being shy because I just think it's so cute to draw shy characters! :3

And why Sebastian is one of my favorite Charactes? I'l gladlyl talk about it! :D

Because of how loyal, responsible and fatherly he was. I’ve always admired all what he did to help Ariel to get her “dreams come true”. He say all those dead fish and was about to die a couple of times because of ariel’s subborn actitude. And meanwhile Ariel was pretty selfish, not thinking about how her actions would affect others like flounder or sebastian or his family.

I watched the movie again as an adult, and seeing it with a more mature eyes have made me appreciate Sebastian and flounder even more that I used to when I was a kid. They were both such wonderful friends to her! And she decided to leave them for a guy she lust and had a crush on, a guy she didn’t even know!! XD That’s something I wouldn’t do I think. 

And sebastian always thought of her! Because she turned into human and he was about to turn back to the castle to tell her father that, he say her face…and couldn’t help but feel bad for her. He care a lot about her, he wanted her happiness! That’s why he stayed with her despite the horror he saw on that castle and helped her. People say sometimes “he’s grumpy and strict” but actually if you see with attention, he’s just being fatherly.

He’s actually really heartwarming and he has such a big soft heart! And I love him for that heart and his fatherly and protective side. Also, I love him because he’s an artist, he is a singer and a composer, that’s very admirable. And not only that, but he’s one of the few characters I’ve seen who had such an contagious passion for music you just couldn’t help but adore!  I’ve always loved music as intensely as him, and his music always made my heart sing! Also I love him for his expressions. I’ve always admired a lot disney’s animators expressions on disneys clasics because when you see them you can actually feel yourself what the characters are feeling!

Also his voice it's so manly and sexy in both languages, english and spanish!

I must say...I've made a version of this with sebastian's gonopods...that was the original in fact (that's why he's shy if you wonder! XD) but I'm not sure if they came out as good as I wanted to, so I'm shy to share it *shy giggles* I'll think about it....I'm not sure if people would like to see Sebastian that way....so you tell me! Are you excited and curious about sebastian's weenie? ;) If I see people are interested I might share that one version too.

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Mar 8, 2019
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