Tyrannical Boss


There is a story behind this image,
I'm not gonna get into it right now...

So feel free to contemplate :)
- Celx

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I want to buy your artwork, and make it a poster to put on my wall it would be awesome. Everyday I would walk into my room and look at that posture and say F***ing LOL.

Jesus F'ing Rex

Seriously you really got me with this one. I mean, I just knew you for the Cooljaw series, now I visit your page and find a rasta dinosaur on a suit. Whipping out a poor random minion. Smoking a joint as far as I see. Well this blew my mind off...

What really popped out for me is the whip, it looks like he's powerwhipping the pink buddy (I'm not a whip expert but there's too many "waves" on it like 2 or even 3 whippings coming down on the guy)

But let's be serious, this is a motherfucking rasta dinosaur on a suit smoking a joint period, I'm not expecting realism, in fact you should make it a bit more messy, this kind of picture can take a bit more crazyness and dinos sitting on their own tails (seriously fuck that and my whip bitching) please post more of your comedic stuff, you may seem like a "scary internet person" for some and that might be useful if you intend on keeping it that way but we want to see what you're hiding :P

Celx-Requin responds:

Hey man I'm glad to hear you're alright!

Anyway, in the not too distant future I will be releasing a collection of my artwork, it features a bunch of my comedic, and satirical work, so when it comes out you should definitely check it out!

Thanks for the review man!
- Celx

Review Request Club

I'm torn between writing a pretentious shpiel about how this is /obviously/ symbolic of a brutally corporatist patriarchal society doomed to superficiality and other misanthropic things in general....and actually giving some constructive criticism. Sad day for you, 'tis the latter :P

Though I'm giving some creative license for this, you probably know that T-Rex arms aren't even nearly that long. Though that being said, the left arm and the right look really different lengths from one another. The one on the right looks like the kind of thing you'd see on a T-Rex with a power suit whipping a skinless chicken...^^
But the one on the left looks a lot more humanoid and stick-like.
While I'm on a roll for nitpickyness...the tail is kinda weird xD Historically, they thought T-Rex's had their tails behind them for balance's sake, and artistically...it looks kind of odd draped between its legs. If it was going around the OUTSIDE of the right leg, I think it would look a lot less awkward, and might also help the leg look less detached from the body.
I really like the detailing on the Boss, but if you cover him up so you're left with the whip and the pink worker, it's somewhat lacking in definition, though I guess it works as a sort of contrast between the two; the tailoring of the suit, the flabbiness of the dude he's whipping...but that's probably too much contemplation :P I do like it, though. Nice to see you can do the comical as well as the macabre in art.

-Review Request Club

Celx-Requin responds:


I can see why people would see symbolism in this, although it wasn't really made as such.

Basically this is a depiction of my crazy "rasta" boss, his name was Tye...
God I hate him.

Most of my art is comedy, I should probably put more of that stuff up lest I look like a scary internet person *cough* regret * cough*

- Celx

nice work here

Now here is another nice piece of art from you with lots to seem the pink creature being whipped seems like he is suffering so in that aspect of things you might want to show more emotion in that area, now your best work in this art piece is the Tyrannical boss now ofcourse thats your focus of art right there, his "WHIP" atleast i think its a whip seems lacking in design it needs abit of two tone color to it, and maybe a small design in it, as for the "TY" it was your best work here as i said awsome detail, lots of props and great skin texture to make it like it was really there, so nice work all around.

add some design to the whip, and maybe show some emotion from the pink creature like he is in pain


Celx-Requin responds:

I agree...

- Celx

lol, or not??...

The art was pretty cool, the lines are very nice, they aren't bad, is a nice piece, man, I liked it, but I didn't understand why you made this... Is this a kind of cartoon saying that the black people are going to dominate white people, making them their slaves?? It's very weird, huh??

The drawings were pretty cool, but the T-Rex tail is very sloppy, you could put it behind the dinosaur, and not in the middle of his legs, it'd look way cooler, man...

The drawing was cool, I liked it, you were very creative, keep it up, man, I like your work...

(Review Request Club)

Celx-Requin responds:

Cool thanks,
- Celx

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Apr 5, 2010
6:08 AM EDT
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