The Elegant Parasite Black



This is my old mascot for a web designer "politics" magazine I ran back when I was 16 & working at a corporate office, the magazine died because I quit my job to pursue the privacy market, however now that I'm back in webdesign, I may relaunch it next year!

I chose the name the "Elegant Parasite", because my rivals chose the name "Raptor's Source", I found the name the "Raptors Source" a little pretentious since they were gathering information from pre-existing sources, & didn't have any original content whatsoever.

We were doing the same thing, so the Elegant Parasite was chosen to reflect the parasitic nature of my magazine, I did however present the information significantly nicer than "Raptors Source"...

Anyway that's the story behind this picture,
- Celx

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I like it

it's very simple not so heavy with details and color like every one is always worried about.

Very Good

I really like your work, your Cool Jaw flash was really great. But, I always find it hard to describe it, because your work has this abstraction to it that works very well, but its very hard to explain why (for me anyways).
I like how there's some simplicity here, for a logo it shouldn't be significantly complex. It definitely has a form of something sinister, but with an apprehensive aura that I think of when i see the word elegant (I think of something watching and biding its time, which I think relates)

Celx-Requin responds:

The elegant parasite was going to appear in a new comic book series I was working on, which unfortunately will no longer be coming to newgrounds.

Thanks for the review though!
- Celx

More basic then the rest

Now this was not your best, more basic and simple then the rest but still has a neat design or character not sure there, but it can be improved on such as adding some backround or some landscape in the distance, also giving the character more detail and ofcourse use of more color all around, as for the "SIGNATURE" i think you can either lose that or give it a more fancy feel as its abit on the sloppy side so could work either way, anyways its notbad for what it is

Remove or make the signature more fancy maybe blend it with the backround more, also more details needed for the characters face


Celx-Requin responds:


Nice logo, more detail required.

This isn't a bad piece, but it looks like you've gone and put in a distinct lack of background, which does somewhat put me off. If you've going for this to be an ident for your flash animations, perhaps you could have it animated in just a few seconds, so that it leaps out of the page at you, with this image as the finish point.

There are some pretty good details in the outline of the piece, but as for the body, it seems devoid of them, which is probably the main issue I have with you drawing style, as a whole. Perhaps a few flashes of white across the body would just give you the detail that you've got from the outline, but being careful not to go mad, as I know your style is minimalist.

With how it all looks, in the action pose, I might have expected something like blood dripping from those 'shear-like' claws that just gives a more distinct impression of malice, as opposed to the borderline insane that it currently shows from a casual glance at the facial expression.

[Review Request Club]

Celx-Requin responds:

I concur...
- Celx

Good logo

Well, as others have stated, this pic doesn't have a lot of details. But it's ok for a logo. I mean, just look at the Nike logo, for example. Where's the detail in that? And yet, everyone who sees it instantly recognizes the brand.

So, for a logo this creature as quite a lot of details. However, the eye looks a bit weird. I think it should be placed a bit more on the forehead and maybe even be a little bit bigger.

The mouth (or the teeth) look a bit strange as well. Also, I can't really make out the facial expression. The creature looks a bit sad... head hangs down, the eye has a very sad look... maybe you could try to give it a more "agressive" pose?

{ Review Request Club }

Celx-Requin responds:

I always thought he seemed happy not sad.

I actually have a commission I did with this character, I'm gonna see if I can get the person I did it for to send me a picture of it so I can trace over it using flash, the creature is depicted significantly more aggressive in that picture.

- Celx

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Jan 22, 2010
12:57 AM EST
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