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Balphram, Daughter of the astral chains


"The lady can see through you, and what she sees is a great and pale lake. The waters run deep, and yet there you are gasping above the surface as if whatever lies far down there beneath is too great a thing for you to bare witness to."

"Men and women have the curious case of drowning in their fears before they could ever stare a single, muddied glimpse beneath the surface. The reality of things is not so harmful...for the cosmos has already been harmed long before you opened your eyes. To you, it may appear as a grand blackness, a swallowing beast devoid of benevolence. Beneath that veil of darkness, that supreme chaos of all things possible, it dreams of being yearned, of compassion and healing. "

"Its pains could run a fellow through, do you follow? To ignore that pain is to prolong this suffering...Yet you chance these ultimatums and speculations of seeing what is at the heart of all things and yourself as being an abomination, a terror! Bare witness and you believe your world might end..so you Ignore these horrors, your fears, and embrace pleasures everlasting until the ignorance dulls any right or wrong from your world. This is how hell begins for you things...pressed down beneath the cellars of your souls until in your times of disillusion and weakness, it reaches out for you and you embrace it. "

"No longer simply distracted by your pleasures, you are instead ruled by them, twisted by them...the vision of your eyes malformed by them. The world becomes warped within this lens. All avenues and freedoms of the self, the principles and perplexities of existence boiled down to serve beneath this writhing hunger whose appetites can never know sate. Some worship this kind of crippling existence."

"...And yet you wait. You still wait hour after hour, day after day for that token to be paid in divine punishment. As if Catharsis could relieve any one of you from the burden you carry in your souls. It's not about tasting pleasure without stop...and it's not about being punished....it's about recognizing yourself..about healing. Opening those eyes further and staring at that cracked reflection beneath the surface of the lake which is always staring back. "

"Do you feel watched? Shadowed by an ever flowing presence? Or do you feel alone? Insignificant within this cracked spectrum? It must be such a burden...knowing you are worthy of such great things but being unaware of it at all. But you are, aren't you? Some part of you no matter how little has cried out before for it. Yearning to break free from the gnawing fears and cursing distractions. To see beyond the need to crudely blunt force that awareness back down into the unconscious until it drags itself back to you from that bleak darkness, screaming for life, for wholeness. " 

"Even that far down..You know there is more to you and this life...and the lady knows too.. "

"Lady Balphram can see deeper than the lakes. She is of the oceans and her chains run further down than the most clever wounds in you ..even the ones you believe the deepest. "

"Do not think my words so harsh nor my lady a thing so cruel.. Perhaps it is not we that harms your thoughts but your thoughts that harm you...you need to look deeper. Deeper where she might see you better than you do. We are not here to punish you. We are here to set you free. "


Inspired by Shima33's " Man with static Eyes " which can be found here https://soundcloud.com/shima33/man-with-static-eyes

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Aug 8, 2019
3:26 PM EDT
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