Harvest of child hood eyes


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persnally i think this is the most Technical peace i,v made,
not only did alot of hours went into this but as well as alot of meaning.
recently i have been studying how to use symbolic art forms to show a message with in the peace itself, like a hidden message or a story or maybe to reveal a secret by useing objects and the placement of objects or properties of an object that may seem obscure or out of place. this so i could speak to my viewers who pay attendtion in a more deep-esh meaninful way. and to show a side of me unheard of. but also to keep things intresting in my work.
here are a few peaces for your own interpretation. this shouldnt be too hard to figur out.
The entity is holding a "sickle" and sack of eyes, "Hes harvesting the eyes"
The glass of what was a jar holding eye balls is broken " our defence to our eyes are broken."
The child is hiding and keeping away an eye ball, (important : "Eyes are the window to our souls" )
simply enough, its basicly a diffrent way of showing a Grim reaper collecting souls.
few other things, not important : the floating eyes are simply to represent ghost.
the objects on The entity's sickle 'clock ,broken heart, and skull, means :the passing of time, the end of realtionship and love, and death' simply all elements of sorrow.
The emtpy cloth above the entity representing the the bit of hope not being harvested by the entity and becomeing of a restless soul "a ghost"'.

peace was made with black ink and fine steel quill dip pens


Excellent work, Im a big fan of Dual chromatic images in technical drawing. I love the atmosphere in this work, its dark gritty and full of techniques that keep me looking at this drawing... I usually use a 0.05 and a 00.5 pen when doing pieces like this! just wanted to tell you, this kicks ass and is worthy of more hits. I hope more people see your work, from one artist to another, keep kicking ass!!!

I love this piece and, ironically, I believe I could stare at it all day. I say this because, not only is it perfectly crafted, but it feeds that morbid side of my mind which is so very rarely satisfied with mindless gore. The subtle differences in the eyes tickle me too, something about the fact you can see they're all from different people: that this creature has harvested from dozens of victims makes it creepy and interesting at the same time. If I could, I would give you a sixth star for this alone.

What irritated me though, and I cannot ignore this fact, is that by being so very thorough in your explanation of this piece, you rather left me very little work to do of my own. As I said above, I could have stared at this all day, however after reading your description: I no longer feel as inclined to do so.

Life, I feel, is an interpretation and while your piece is incredibly well thought out and deliberate to a T, I would have preferred you left the work to speak for itself. Had you, I may well have explored it more freely than I was able. Food for thought perhaps, it is by no means a criticism of "Harvest" itself.

No offense but this reminds me of some kind of Yugi O card.

dude, you got some serious skills.

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May 13, 2012
12:24 PM EDT
Fine Art
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