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Baphomet is a pagan idol which was worshipped by Knights Templar (or at least that's what they said during the Inquisition).
In 19th century Baphomet was reinterpreted by occultist Eliphas Lévi, who describes him this way:

"The goat on the frontispiece carries the sign of the pentagram on the forehead, with one point at the top, a symbol of light, his two hands forming the sign of hermetism, the one pointing up to the white moon of Chesed, the other pointing down to the black one of Geburah. This sign expresses the perfect harmony of mercy with justice. His one arm is female, the other male like the ones of the androgyn of Khunrath, the attributes of which we had to unite with those of our goat because he is one and the same symbol. The flame of intelligence shining between his horns is the magic light of the universal balance, the image of the soul elevated above matter, as the flame, whilst being tied to matter, shines above it. The ugly beast's head expresses the horror of the sinner, whose materially acting, solely responsible part has to bear the punishment exclusively; because the soul is insensitive according to its nature and can only suffer when it materializes. The rod standing instead of genitals symbolizes eternal life, the body covered with scales the water, the semi- circle above it the atmosphere, the feathers following above the volatile. Humanity is represented by the two breasts and the androgyn arms of this sphinx of the occult sciences."

Baphomet has both Pan's and Lucifer's features. The name Lucifer means "the one who brings light", the light of knowledge - and Baphomet brings light with his "flame of intelligence". I have changed black and white moons to Chesed and Geburah sephirots from the Hebrew Tree of Life - Chesed stands for mercy and Geburah stands for justice. It expresses the atributes of the loving and punitive God. It also represents love and will.
I draw a human head instead of goat's head too keep less animalistic appearance. The horns are still there because I didn't wanted to loose his devilish appearance. Caduceus between his legs symbolizes infinity and the unity of opposites. It looks like an erection - a symbol of strong sexual potency and a reference to Pan (Crowley interpreted him in a similar way).
His two breasts keep the tradition of androgyne - the perfect union of male and female elements.

The Hebrew inscription at the bottom of the image is Greek "Sophia" :

"Dr Hugh J. Schonfield, one of the scholars who worked on the Dead Sea Scrolls, argued in his book, The Essene Odyssey, that the word "Baphomet" was created with knowledge of the Atbash substitution cipher, which substitutes the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet for the last, the second for the second last, and so on". Baphomet rendered in Hebrew and interpreted using Atbash, becomes something that can be interpreted as the Greek word "Sophia", or wisdom. Sophia can be also interpreted as the Logos (The Word - reason, knowlegde, principle or the God Himself) or the emanation of God through His creation.

Another thing to keep in mind:

"Lévi proposed that the name was composed from a series of abbreviations: 'Temp. ohp. Ab.' which originates from Latin 'Templi omnium hominum pacis abhas,' meaning "the father of universal peace among men." An alternative reading could be tem. o. h. p. ab. for templi omnium hominum pacis abbas. The translation in this case is abbot of the temple of peace of all mankind, perhaps referring to the Templars themselves."

Pencil, waterpaints, Photoshop.
No reference, except Lévi's interpretation of Baphomet.

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Simply astoundingly amazing. Also, lots of knowledge in the author's comments.

Great, for lack of a better word.

Articulated well, researched, and depicted to perfection.
You sir, are a brilliant artist. The time spent on this shows.

its awesome, but...

y is every1 of ur drawings negative. i mean, i luv da detail , and unlike some artists, u worked on the background as much as da main picture itself. the satyr is also looking its best, and i love the way it looks...this is a great peice of art

Just Simply Amazing!

I'm interested in Baphomet, and have been looking for at least one picture of him on Newgrounds. I've found one that is amazing in every way!

Simply awe inspiring.

Beyond talented. You my friend are a true muse. The fact that you researched the facts on such a splendid piece is also astonishing & beautiful. Your work is outstanding & I can tell you put a part of your soul & the very wisdom & life that Baphomet represents into this work. I happen to LOVE that you went with a human head, to really show the humanity located within the divine...for they mesh together wonderfully. Again...this is amazing & I hope to see this piece in a gallery someday. You my friend...are talented in the extreme...& you will truly go places with your wonderous gift. I for one...thank you for gifting this beautiful creation to us all. :D

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4.02 / 5.00

May 4, 2010
8:35 AM EDT
Fine Art
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500 x 710 px
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