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Classic Pokemon


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Mar 5, 2012 | 5:59 PM EST
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543 x 487 px
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Author Comments

UPDATE** This post will answer some questions Envyitall had to ask: I went through about 50 pieces of paper. Each one got a little better. Now i'll be honest, i looked up pictures of Pokemon online before making this. No tracing was involved but looking off of. I put a lot of effort into this. Effort. Something i didnt really put into my old art. And the reason for lack of transition was because i said i wouldnt post anything more unless i thought it was good enough for the NG community. I meant that.

UPDATE* Screw the new Pokemon! I drew the Pokemon I grew up with! You got a problem with it, I don't care!

I have many things to say about this. I'm EXTREMELY proud of this. You see, my six year old cousin Hank's birthday is coming up, and the little turd is obsessed with Pokemon. He's got a bazillion Pokemon cards, and he carried all of them in this little plastic bag. So I thought, maybe I could buy a card storage book thing... yeah, and draw a neat design on the cover. Well after trying pencil and paper for once, (Instead of Paint, god forbid.) and killing millions of trees, I present this.

P.S. Please ignore the carpet, it's a bitch taking a picture of a picture on a webcam without getting any outside element. Plus I had to convert to Paint so I could save as a picture file... so the top border looks like crap. I'm not perfect with converting a picture into a file. OK?

P.S.S. I DID DRAW THIS!!! I SWEAR! I spent about a week getting this just right. Even though I made a few mistakes like Ivysaur's spots and whatnot. Probably made a thousand more that Pokemon fanatics will point out. But like I said, I drew this. I just looked at a lotta art tutorials and spent a lotta time on this.

So tell me what you think, rate, comment and all that other jazz you people do. Peace.



Rated 3 / 5 stars


Its always a pleasure to see srt pieces like this, as they are pretty nifty and interesting, seems like there could have been more to this but it was pretty interesting and was a good overall piece of art, and i for sure look forward to more stuff like this. So with this pokemon is always a pleasure, the art style on this looked abit "GRUNGY" maybe that was your direction but i think you can take it into paintshop pro and freshen it up maybe even make it more vibrant, it looks pretty cool though, Maybe if you even added more variaty of characters would be nice too. but those are just some fancy ideas, as the art piece as a whole its pretty good just wish the colors were more frsh and vibrant. I have come to see that this was better then i thought, and as you look into it more it kind of grows on you, So this was a good piece of art you have, and i think it could even be better,but thats for later, but anyways good piece of work and on the ending note of this review, just keep up the creative wheels turning. anywayskeepup thegood work.

I found this art piece to be pretty good, there were some spots that could use some changes and improvments but then again these are just one reviewers ideas and are just suggestions, but maybe you will like some or even just one, and in the end they may help. But anyways. Needs more fresh and vibrant colors, Also adding a variaty of more characters would be nice aswell.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Where the FUCK is Charmander you cunt???
:O :(

JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

He was behind Pikachu. You didn't see him?



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Skillfully done.

There are still issues, such as you not using a full piece of white A4, which you can then fade the coloured background into. If you're drawn elements of this 50 times over, you have invested a lot of time and effort into the piece and, to be fair, you have been richly rewarded with this end product. You could have trimmed the picture down a little, to cut out most of the outside influence from the carpet, as that would have helped a lot. Perhaps lie it on a table, with a cloth on it, then take the picture there. You're taking it with a webcam, so why not badger your parents into getting a proper digital camera, so that your pieces can be uploaded in higher quality and detail?

I hope that you recycled all of the waste paper afterwards, young man. You do have reasons to be proud of this, so why not try and see if you can create something original, rather than fan art, for your next piece? This is a good way to progress, but from there, you need to take it to another level.

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JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

Honestly, I have degraded a bit, because I didn't spend as much time on my other art as I did this one.

Oh, and yes.I did recycle the excess paper. Because I HAVE THE POWER!!!

Thanks for reviewing.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This is actually drawn really well.

I like original drawings more than tutorial-based ones. It originality. That doesn't mean it's not good though.
I like how you did the background. It's happy and colourful, but doesn't attract the attraction that would normally go to the Pokémon.

I'll just say something about each of the Pokémon. Know that I think each of the Pokémon is drawn good, there's no ugly one. All mistakes are details. And sorry if I spelt a name wrong.

I really like how you drew Pidgeotto. His posture is good, and his/her claws look really great. I don't know many people who can draw him/her this way. The wings look different from the Pidgeotto's in the series though. The feathers are a bit more square, and the lines separating the feathers should be a bit longer. This doesn't ruin him or anything, just a detail.
Nidoqueen is drawn good too, but with more mistakes than the rest of the Pokémon. That´s probably because she is the hardest pokemon to draw, with all her scales.

Nidoqueen´s mouth is a bit odd. The black in the middle is too square, you should make the gap a bit larger. Second, her ear shouldn´t be the same colour as her belly, but brown. Another colouring mistake is that her right boob should be yellow. Lastly, the length of some of her body parts seem too small. Her head shouldn´t be as large as her body. I understand that it would seem odd if one pokemon was half of the painting. So maybe you could put her on the far background, so you can draw her realistically large?
Pikachu is drawn nicely. Although his hands should have fingers, and his head shouId be connected to his body more, I forgive you because you drew the cheesy smile so nice. His small eyes are just too cute. And that while Pikachu is one of my least favorite Pokémon.
Ivysaur is drawn almost perfectly as well. The only thing I can find with him is that the dots on his body should be green/blueish and not red.
For haunter the only thing I would've liked differently is a bit more variationg in colour. Now almost his entire body is the same colour. But his shape is perfect, and his mouth is amazing.
Paras seems a bit sad, but ah well, he's probably always like that. I actually like that. (Not that he's sad, but how you drew him). The only mistake I see with him is that his back legs are a bit too big. But the rest is drawn well. Especially the mushrooms.

These are the "mistakes" I can see in your drawing. Though there are some mistakes, your cousin can certainly be happy if he gets this drawing. It's happy, colourful, and your best drawing yet.
A very happy birthday to your cousin.

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JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

Thank you very much for reviewing my work. It means a lot. Really cool how you noticed all of this. Great job. Very helpful to me.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a very colorful display. the yellow explosion in the back round is really good. the placment of the characters is awesome too

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JimmyTheCaterpillar responds: