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lol i really wanted to ask u to draw an AoT arts but thanks god u did XD

man i have been following the manga since it came out (way before the anime) and it is funny to know that it wasnt known by many people outside japan, and when the anime came out BANG it became 1 of the best anime of all time.

as for the 2nd season it will be out at least 2 years from now. (who know may be more, if u want to know y then just pm me and i will tell u)

but the sad things is after the 1st episode many people started reading the manga and they spoiled on many people (luckily am not a spoiler) and if u want to discuss more about AoT and share some theories then it will be my pleasure cause am totally crazy about it.

bocodamondo responds:

oh i will do more attack on titan fanarts in the future. ( sorry i still cant remember the original japanesse name of the show. i only know its short version, SNK )

i never had the show spoiled because i pretty much ignored and avoided anything related to the show until last week when i FINNALY found the time to watch all 25 episodes at once... 2 days.
i was even shocked at the end of episode 5. i REALLY tought eren was dead. i saw fanarts of the rouge titan, but at that time i was thinking those are just normal titans like all others, they are just somehow smarter or whatever. when titan eren saved mikasa from that other titan, i knew it was him. it was pretty obvious since he got the same hair & eye color, and when he roared you could hear eren's voice. however at that time i was thinking eren was DEAD the beardy titan did eat him, and this new rouge titan was a reancarnation of eren that somehow still has erens will to kill all titans xD..i was thinking this until eren finnaly appeared from rouges melting corpse when he finished his rampage in wall rose arc. ...female titan was waaaaaaay to fucking obvious that she is annie, the same hairstyle & color, those bored blue eyes, and that potatoe nose...but yeah after i finish watching the show. i googled "colossal titan" in google....the first site appeared was wiki page of Bertholdt Fubar...pff nice work for spoiling his identity google >:/ ..after i knew fubar is the colossal it was way to fucking obvious that reiner is the armored.
theres soo much theorys about the show's plot , i keep spending nights reading them in different fourms and all ^^

heheh this from Shingeki no Kyojin? They did somme realeases recently so I kinda saw were it came from XD

Anyway, if I see 3d gear im gonna flip out! Nice drawing by the way...

...by defult this is your first naked charater

bocodamondo responds:

not really . i had "naked melandy" but she is censored with tiny clouds. unlike eren here since, i dont need to due lack of naughty parts to begin with ^^...titans still have butts though.

A decent drawing, though the right eye is a little out of proportion to the left but, other than that little flaw, it's a good drawing of Eren's titan transformation.

I just have one question to ask of you, sir; What do you think of Attack on Titan so far? I personally think that it's the best anime since One Piece. It's a brilliant anime that keeps you guessing, and that's something I have waited to come of the anime industry for years! I can't wait for the second season!

bocodamondo responds:

weeell. if you want to know .i really like that show. its quite easily on of best animes ive seen in quite a while now. it has very good action scenes, anda very intresting story. sometimes it gets a bit to harsh for my taste. when they create nice likable characters only to kill them later, like marco and petra. also the plot in some epîsodes is gets very predictable sometimes espacily with all those stupid unessecary clifhangers. i dont see why the show needs to keep doing those , its very popular it doesent need to make a cliffhanger to make sure pepole will watch the next episode .also it has very well written and developed secondary side characters. espacily jean, i find he has such realistic 3 dimensional personallity , i personally find him the most relatable character of all, he is my 2nd favourite character, after sasha of course <3. my 3rd favourite is levi for obvious reasons.
what pisses me of is , that the show creates SOO MANY questions, but gives soo little answers. like erens dad. or titan(s) in the wall, that (organisation?) that want to kill humanity or that motherfucking basement...im still sad that the colossal titan only appeared 2 times and barely fought. i wish he would appear more often...but i guess that would kinda ruin his mysteriousness and intense feeling happens when he do appears. i also quite like the normal titan designs, they are allways some very funny & scary looking ones....so yeah ive never seen a show that left me with soo much theorys and speculations about the story...its quite an achivement. im looking more then forward for season 2. i might even check out the manga and see if IT might take away some of those billion questions i have about the plot.

Heheheh, the picture needs no description!

Credits & Info

Oct 13, 2013 | 5:07 PM EDT
File Info
1400 x 1500 px
537.8 kb

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