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well. 2013 is over and i did alot more artworks then animations this year, not really happy about this, but atleast i improved on that. and the better i get in art so will my animations. wich i promise, i will make more of those in 2014....atleast i"ll try

well on to my comment to each one artwork that represent each month:

1:januar: Morrigan: this is one of my apsolute favourites, even to today, the shading ended so much better then i expected, and i really love the face, i could made the hair shading a bit better. but in overall its one of my favourites

2:fabuar: Melandy Relief: i dont know...i find this one quite bland, i can do it much better by now, but i barely did any artworks in fabuar, this one is the best of them...but no, i dont like this one

3:mars: mai Shiranui: i would say her breasts are too big, but mais boobs ARE giant, so whatever. i like this one, the shading is appealing to look at, and the pose is allright.

4:april: ada wong: i like this one, but only because i love ada..so im not quite sure, but the shading is allright, even though i did adas face WAY more better in a latter artwork called "ada chinesse dress" but whatever

5: may: S-WIP: this....this was just a wip for a small gif animation i was working on..i gave up on that animation so....yeh

6:june: sasha and potato glados: one of my favourites ^^ i love this one, and i dont think i will make it any better now. espacily on sashas face. needless to say that sasha is my favourite character from SNK too

7: july: black widow: its allright, the shading was pure exprimenting, it is good on some spots, but not so much on others. but at the end i like it. not one of my favourites but i like it

8: august: rarity: this one is not even posted in newgrounds, its..rarity..as a human....i like it ^^, but i can do the hands much better by now. also this artwork got quite a giant positive feedback on deviantart & tumblr....wonderwhy

9: september: medic: i love this one, i tried my best on the shading. to make it look more realistic, with backdrop shading and all that shit, i would love to do something like this again

10: october: paimon; i admit, i usually never find any of my artworks "sexy"..but this one actually archieved that feeling on me. i really like how this one ended up, but i let you know, i had alot of reworks on this to make it finnaly look right...A L O T of reworks & edits...ALOT

11:november: L.I.R.2: i love this one, is one of my favourites ^^, not because its soo fanservicy, because of how well the shading ended up, its aloooot better then i expected when the idea was on my mind

12: december: merry smissmas: its quite..thats it, got nothing else to add

well thats 2013...im ready for 2014. COME AT ME SIS!


awesome work

I've mentioned this before, but you are capable of much better than this. I'd rather you did 1 thorough piece than 3 mediocre ones. You are capable of it, because I've seen at least 1 that was exceptional. These are mediocre. Good art takes effort. I say, go for it, but you'll

Can't wait to see more from you.

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