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i did the same thing to when Legend of Korra book 2 ended, a small fanart tribute + my opinion about the finale.

i really like it, it was very satisfing and cant think of any better way to end the show.

some opinion about some moments:

-ha i laughed when gamagoori pulled a gurren lagann where he got two faces on his head & stomach ^^
- i KNEW there would be a Devil May Cry 3 jackpot moment where ryuko & satsuki cut ragyo with each one holding a scissor half
-homuaro or whatever she is called is still alive...could she be a reason for a sequel?!
-that climax felt ALOT like the recent DBZ movie, battle of gods, in space above earth and ryuko was like a super saiyan god. i know that most people say it was like the final boss fight from Sonic Adventure 2. but i think more about Battle Of Gods.
-that sad moment when senketsu sacrificied himself to save ryuko ;C
-with soo many barbie-doll anatomy near the end, i had a hard time taking that moment seriously ^^

im really happy about the end ^^ of one of the best animes i watched in a while. i still think attack on titan is better in terms of originality & emotions :X. also because AOT does not have friendship speaches.

now that Kill la kill is over, i have no idea what i should watch next. IT SURE AS HELL WONT BE FUCKING YUGIOH ARC5.


I really like the artwork, but I have to disagree with your opinion. I thought the ending was terrible.

It'd be useless to vent here, though. You did a good job on this, I like Senketsu's face. He's all "Hey, I'm dead but I'll be on you forever huehuehue"

Still both epic anime (Gurren Lagann(That throw galaxy like a frisbee) and Kill la Kill). Awesomeness over 9000.
wait what!? yugioh arc 5? lol nope.
Date A Live and Fairy Tail coming this April.

bocodamondo responds:

oh, fairy tail is finnaly back? intresting,
idk what this date a live is but i'll see

They look completly different compared to the anime those heads are to round and give them them less character. I can't draw but i know when something is missing. Anyway offtopic:
The show got worse since episode 7-8. I loved the stupidity and the animation. The animation is insane and the best i saw for a while. The problem with the anime was that it took sometimes to serious and sometimes with no sense when it comes to the humor which doesnt even fit together. Later they focused on the story which is ok but i liked the stupidity much more. Would give the first half a 8/10 and the second half a 6/10. So all in all a 7/10.

bocodamondo responds:

why should i draw them in the style of the show exactly? whats the point of a fanart if i cant use my own fucking style. if you dont like my art style then thats your f*cking problem.
however i admit that i did fucked up mako, but i think satsuki came out pretty well.

i agree the show did changed alot in the second half, but i think its like this;
the first half was not plot-heavy and had lots of character inteactions and good/random humor, just like Panty & stocking

the second half was more serious and plot-heavy with less comedy & more action, just like gurren lagann

this is why i think the show is like PSG & gurren lagann combined

i dont know if this anime is overrated or not but i didnt quite think that it was as awesome as people said.

i just watched the 1st 4 episodes and i quite liked the stupidity in it but i didnt think that ti was that great of a show.

by the way dont u watch Hunter x Hunter?

bocodamondo responds:

im a big fan of the show and i can tell it really is overrated, but mostly because of the fact its made from the creators of gurren laggan. also the show REALLY starts to get good at episode 16/17.

as for hxh. well, i watched the original long time ago, havent checked out the 2011 remake yet...maybe someday

Thanks for the partial spoilers for Kill la Kill, mate! I was planning on watching this anime series while not getting blasted by spoilers, but oh well!

Didn't even put a bloody spoiler warning. It's like you expect everyone who comes here to have actually seen every Kill la Kill episode, which is not the case.

Well, I guess I'm finally watching Kill la Kill...with the knowledge of the ending. DAMN YOU, SPOILERS!!!

And yeah, I know that feel of finishing an anime series and not knowing to watch after that. That feel hit me super hard after I finished watching Angel Beats, as it hit me pretty hard emotionally, so I just decided to take a long walk outside to think about the ending to that show.

And the art is OK.

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