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Esper Girl


puh its a good thing for Spring Holiday... so i have much time for my hands...
i mean otherwise this would have end very bad. since i offer MY ENTIRE DAY. making this artwork instead of working on my flash....

anyway. this is Esper Girl. she is a LVL 2 psychic Tuner from the RFP psyhic archetyp...
ehm....i mean she is a Yugioh Trading card ^^

also this is my first artwork ever. wich i finished without notcing any mistake on it...
but thats in my mind.. i wonder what you think about it
good or bad? proboboalybad:C

yeah..thats it. BACK TO THE FLASH!!

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Very detailed 10/10

I think what Twisted4000 and FrostDrive meant about face expression is the lack of emotion behind it, but I also don't get it. That's how you always draw your characters.
The drawing is an incredible improvement. The arms and legs aren't too big or too small, lighting and textures are amazing and pretty to look at, the energy ball (or whatever) has a bright effect that brings the drawing together, and the girl herself is simply adorable.
I've watched you for three years and may I say you have improved on so many levels. You keep saying (my art sucks) because you're just modest. Admit it. :P
good... definitivelythousandtimes good c:

Wooooooooooaaaahhhh okay you REALLY improved with this one.

FIRST I'm just going to say the negative aspects: her pose is more on the stiff side, especially the legs, like she looks like she's standing up but at the same time she should me like floating? Unless she's supposed to be standing up... I don't know. Her left arm and hand looks kinda jacked a bit as well, BUT a big improvement from your usual stuff, since the stiffness seems to be one of your greatest weaknesses with your art...

NOW for some good stuff... the coloring... I REALLY like it. It's somewhat more dim, but accompanies with the shining and shading, I think you did it well enough for the armor to actually look like a realistic white-golden-color, which is kinda beautiful to me. I also like the red-brown-tan color you used, there's just so much harmony, I really like it.

The energy ball staff thingy is also done pretty well, can't really think of any obvious issues with it. Also her right arm and hand look pretty good. Background is somewhat plain, but at the same time it somehow matches the character, it's not too saturated or anything, I guess it may be because it's almost a yellow-green, which is complimenting the yellow-white? I have no idea what I'm talking about when it comes to colors, but I CAN say I like the way it looks.

And as for what FrostDrive said, I kinda have to agree that the face shows little personality, I mean it's a standard, cutesy anime girl face, which you executed fairly well, but the actual concept of that... is just a cutesy anime girl. Nothing too wrong with it, BUT you generally make that face with a lot of your other drawings, I would suggest a change up.

BUT overall nothing bad, kinda makes a good character shot, though the pose is really nothing special, it's kinda like she's just standing there, but the coloring and line-work and such are good. Probably your best drawing, good job. Next time I would really like to see where you go if you spend some time sketching and making the pose a bit more complex with a character... then apply your skills of coloring, line-work, shading and shining, and I think you'd have a pretty nice drawing...

bocodamondo responds:

well...duel monsters are allways like flying and standing in the sky at the same time.
what you and frostdrive said about the face...i dont get it...this how i usualy draw faces eyes..thers no different at all..and this is also like everyone else do it in.............;deviantart................
i guess its a matter of taste. "i cant allways give the characters the same expression...this would be boring and ANNOYING"
green & yellow just fits PSYCHICS...thats exactly the colors she have in the trading card..

you talk about so much rules & details ....i draw just for fun...i dont even know most of the names..
i didn even know what "anatomy" means. or...whatever

so...whatever. if you ask me i did a good imrpovement in this artwork if you look at my previous ones
...face expression...........face expression..........f a c e e x p r e s s i o n .

The problem is in the eyes. There's no character.

bocodamondo responds:


This is very good! Im impressed!

Credits & Info

4.19 / 5.00

Apr 8, 2012
6:04 PM EDT
File Info
1800 x 1800 px
1.1 MB

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