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oooh boy what an amazing finale! soo much better than book 2! hell! even better than book 1 of both korra and avatar the last airbender

anyway, SPOILERS HERE! if you havent watched the finale of legend of korra dont read this wall of text here

i really liked this final , with the epic DBZ-like battle of korra against zaheer...well it actually reminded me more about the final battle of aang against ozai , only reversed, korra is the aggresive attacker with fire jet boosters, and zaheer is the defensive flying airbender.
the villians of this book were pretty awesome , with powerfull bending attacks, almost everyone was using a sub-skill of their respective bending...except ming hua of course but we had enough of blood bending in book 1 ^^
bolin being a lava bender was pretty obvious if you ask me, i mean why would have soo much struggle to metal bend, something that 80% of the earth benders in the show can do, him being able to JUST metal bend after everything would been very anti-climactic
kai was a pretty awesome character in this book and he did quite alot , i really like that little guy ^^
p'li death was quite ....metal!, haha ^^ but no seriously, that was quite an intense death, also its just like combustion man from old avatar serie
im glad tenzin didnt died from his battle against red lotus i gotta say

that suddent introduction of that metal bender captain was quite weird...also i later found out she was voiced by zelda williams...huh
i wonder why it took mako soo long to use lightning against ming hua, i seriously yelled "FINNALY!!" when he killed her with it ^^, i mean why didnt he used it in his first battle with her?
kinda odd to see tonraq getting soo much screentime again, espacily since he had SOO MUCH in book 2.
looks like the northen air temple is gone...well, thats one less temple for the airbenders
when ghazan was ganged up by mako and bolin i thought he deserved it, espacily since what ghazan and his friends did to poor tenzin
that tornado from all the airbenders together was pretty awesome ^^

zaheer is still alive..i wonder if he will comeback, to be honest i was hoping that korra would use her spirit bending to remove his airbending...but i guess she was too weak at that moment to do so.

i was allways wondering if airbenders could really fly, not just with their gliders..nice to see it really is possible, only difficult as hell to perfom

also jinora looks like aang now xD only with smaller eyes

well..that ending was quite sad when it comes to korra being a cripple and all...
my theory is book 4 will be either about her recovering back to her old glory...of she finds out she wont be able to recover and decide to killer herself to allow a new fresh avatar to be born...we'll see wich one its going to be

after book 3 being soo damn good, im really excited for 4. cant wait ^^


I keep hearing people complain that Bolin just just suddenly could Lava Bend & honestly I disagree with them all Bolin had the potential & it wasn't metal bending & Bolin isn't some newb he has training & it would make sense with Lava Bending with Bolin's personality

Also as much I should hate them for being the Villains I love the Red Lotus Group & *spoilers* honestly really sad they are all Dead now (minus Zaheer) :( they were like Team Dark Avatar

Also seeing Korra's past Villains was both Awesome & very Frighting as they all say their very memorable lines that have stayed & haunted Korra in the past Amon & Vaatu sticking out the most as they are very Dark & hit Korra to the Core

& Finally the Ending OMG The Feels! T^T I cried (part of me is really hoping for Korra + Asami ship) but when I saw Korra in that Wheelchair I was in shock (makes me wonder if Nick pulled the show off air cause of these last 2 episodes) & seeing Korra tear up after seeing Jinora becoming the next Airbender Master hit me as much as the ending to Avatar Wan's Story back in Book 2

Here's hoping Book 4 of Korra is just as Amazing as Book 3 was & I hope they don't pull any punches & keep the serious tone that this Book ended on

bocodamondo responds:

bolin being a lava bender wasnt an asspull at all. it was hinted and foreshadowed throughout the entire book
yeah the Hallucination of the past enemies was pretty awesome scene, it was very well made
that scene also really showed what the legend of korra mainstory is on all the books. korra thinking how the avatar is not needed anymore. since that was the point of all the bad guys in the show so far. and since she lost connection to past avatars, she has to fight with this feeling all by herself.

i am also all for korra+asami shipping, i really hate makorra...but i dont think the creators will risk to go to a lesbian couple, ESPACILY not with the show's main sponsor being fucking nickelodeon...the same company wich was against the very idea of korra being a female protagonist

im pretty sure korra was crying at the end because of how tenzin said the air nomads will become ambassodors from now on. wich will pretty much take over the avatar role, and she is allready having doubts about her avatar role to begin with. now shes also crippled AND the air nomads will take her role as balance keepers....well...

is he suposed to have 3 fingers on one hand? sorry for my bad english :3 good drawing .

Yea the ongoing season is fucking awesome.

bocodamondo responds:

lets hope book 4 will be just as good and dont fall a step back like book 2

Good shading there in the pic. Like the folds in Zaheer's robe and general stances of the characters. Some parts have a few odd proportions such as Zaheer's ears not having enough detail (had a more rounded and chewed up appearance) and the fire being a bit too blurry, but aside from that good pic :).

For me, I liked that the rebuilding of the air nation, it was neat seeing Korra and Asami with a more fleshed out friendship, Lin overcoming her issues with her sister Sue, and many of the intense action moments. The show definitely has great visual execution, both in action and emotion, especially seeing Korra immensely weakened from the poison (I'd guess it's mercury since it was made of metal).

My issue with book 3, is just that there really hasn't been that much change or development in the characters. They have moments where they do something incredible, but there doesn't seem to be any growth in them, like Korra still feel like she hasn't move on from being aggressive and showing more consistent restraint. She's still likable, but nothing much has happened with her character. I also kind of found the villains, while effective, lacking some depth because while their cause is interesting, their motivation isn't addressed very well for them. What caused them to go against world leaders, how does the rest of the red lotus function (the ones outside the main 4), what influenced Zaheer to be an enlightened airbender and how exactly he became so good at it. An episode with backstory, similar to the one with Tarlock and Amon, probably would have been helpful.

Maybe book 4 will give more context to all that, just wish it was all completed in this season since the creators stated that each book will generally be their own story. Ah well, maybe I'm being to harsh for the criticism. Enjoyed what was given and curious to see what book 4 will focus on.

bocodamondo responds:

yeah good point, we really didnt know why zaheer knew soo much about airbenders while he was still a non-bender. a flashback would have been nice , if only nick gave the creators more episodes to work with

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