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Avatar Korra

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Nov 20, 2013 | 5:42 PM EST
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Author Comments

i watched the season finale of season 2 of legend of korra. and ...i got mixed feelings

for one, korra losing connection to all previous avatars feel like a big middle finger to "avatar: the last airbender" fans like me, its like "OH you watch this show because its related to TLA? and you only here to see aang again? well fuck you! hes gone now!" but i dont know...maybe she will regain connection to aang, kyoshi, ruko and wan in season 3 or 4...i hope
as for korra leaving the portals open. thats just stupid, she did saw herself back before 10k years, aka wans time, where spirits and humans were not splitted and how was the world there for humans? it was fucking terrible. spirits took over of both their spirit world AND the real human world, humans were only still alive because the lion tutrtles were protecting them from other that the portals are open again, whats stoping spirits from taking over the human world again? korra? she wont be there forever .the spirits WILL take over the world again and now that theres no turtle lions they will probably erase humans from existence

but yeah the rest was very well done, the big giants battle was silly but cool nontheless.
ah yeah also, unalak DID fused with whats stoping vatuu from doing the same thing ravaa does and reincarnact into a newborn baby and start a new chain of dark avatars? and even if korra did splitted the two when she spirit bended them to death.. unalak is sure as hell dead. but not vatuu..he will sooner or later be inside korra or the next avatar and whatever do to him like corrupt him or something, old avatar were safe from vatuu because he was improsend in tree of time, now he isnt.

also verrick escaped, wonder if we will see him again, i liked that guy ^^ he was funny

well i think i spammed the author comment box enough. just wanted to tell what i think of that finnaly, it was good overall, but left a shit TON of questions opend. even worse then attack on titans franchise......i think



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Cool shading on Korra's face.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

your artwork is outstanding! i personally love legend of Korra! though i really couldnt get into the first Avatar series with Ang, but her series really got me hooked, especially season one.
Great art!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

One of her hands look wierd.
I personally loved the season finale, though korra is dumb for leaving the portal open
I think that that book 3 is going to be about how korra gets her past lives back.
(probably from the tree of time)
I don't see why everyone dislikes the Legend of Korra .Obviously Aang wasn't going to live forever and obviously with the invention of metal bending the technology was going to evolve too.

bocodamondo responds:

well i dont dislike, i do love the show, not as much as TLA, but still, i like all the characters including korra. but my favourites are the airbender family


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love the art but I sicked around to read your whole opinion of the end of the show and I agree it is greatly flawed. I hope there's no confirmation for a third and forth season of Avatar Korra because I feel we got all we can from her and there age she lives in UNLESS the writers actually pick up the lose ends of this two previous seasons. Which i find hard to believe though not impossible. I know that there's now a (at least in theory) non bender as the president BUT the benders still pretty much call most shots and ruin everything for the people who are poor, powerless and fucked. Will this be addressed at last? Then the three major issues you pointed: the dark avatar, the new world with spirits in the mix and the memories of the previous avatars being gone! This will just drive people without powers further down the sewer pipes!!!! So, yeah hope they won't do any new avatars or if they do and stick to Korra that at least all this points get addressed and fixed.

I like she isn't dating Mako anymore though, that was a good move. Let's hope it stays that way.

bocodamondo responds:

nick allready confirmed a 3rd & 4th season for legend of korra.
about the non benders vs bender thing. that was pretty much the point of the first season, i still thought the ending of that was stupid at one point, i mean just because armon was revelaed to be an bender, waterbender. thats STILL doesnt mean he was wrong about all his facts against benders. so just because he left, it means the end for the equalists organisation. even though they were allready having controll over republic city... i dunno , i think it was maybe better if republic city was still affected by equalists, even though armon is gone...but that would ruin the point of the city again...aka a place where all 4 ...i mean 3 bender cultures live together. so i dont know what will be best.

i hope that the writters delebritly made korra do a "mistake" by leaving the portals open, so that there will be conflict with spirits in either s3 or 4. so that she closes them again

and yeah i agree. mako and korra splitting is for the good.............but WE ALL KNOW they will go back to each other in the final end of fourth seaon. its waaaaay to predictable. even though it sucks
.im not really a shipper, but i think MakoxAsami are waay better then KorraxMako

also im tired of water bender villians. both season 1 & 2 had water bender atagonist. hope we see some earth or even fire (again) bender as main villian in s3 or 4 ^^


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It is great to see you improving your drawing skill.

Keep it up!