[ANIMATION] Kasumi x Ayane [DOA]


Ayaneโ€™s practicing her newest technique on Kasumi in this hot, sweaty spar~ Shhh! The others will never see it coming! ๐Ÿคซ๐Ÿ’ฆ

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I love your work so friggin' much. You're such a massive inspiration to me.

"pussy fight"

Is this a lost DOA hentai OVA?!
I'm not the biggest Dead or Alive fan, but I'd be the first one to admit that this is one of the few fighting game series I'm proud to be a fan of (the other being Skullgirls). What's not to love? DOA has a kickass fighting system, likeable and iconic characters (with plenty of eye candy for both men and women), beautiful, catchy music, and an over-the-top, yet still entertaining story. But now, let's talk about what concerns us in here: this little animation.
Featuring two of my fav DOA girls, Kasumi and Ayane, is certainly a good start, and both of them being intimate with eachother (given that in the games Ayane wants to kill Kasumi), is actually a nice sight in all the good ways ;) But if there is one aspect that I LOVE from this animation, that would be the style you chose: it's as if this animation came out from an 80's-90's official Dead or Alive OVA! And I love it because of that!
I love the coloring and the way you designed Kasumi and Ayane; the keep the character's spirits from the games, and yet they adapt perfectly to your animation style. Another thing I really like is Kasumi's expression: she's cartainly enjoying herself, not that I can't blame her ;) I also really like the way you animated both girl's hair; I'm just a sucker for hair animation, and I love how in yours, the hair movement comes natural and fluid. Oh, and another thing: you have the gift for modeling a woman's body. Kasumi and Ayane, at least to me, have never looked as good in 2D animation than in this animation. I'd love to see your take on the other DOA characters, particularly Tina, Mila and Lisa <3
bluethebone, you have accomplished something unique: you have made me wish for an official DOA OVA in the style of this one. Whetever it is a hentai or not. You should be proud of yourself: this animation rocks! And I'm now looking forward for your next entries in here! ^_^

I like how your art is cute, sexy, and old school at the same.

I know this is lewd but it has a strange hint of innocence? idk but anyways amazing job!!

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Apr 5, 2019
8:09 AM EDT
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