Lay off the coke, Garfield!

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Lay off the coke, Garfield!

Author Comments

Submitted for SADP 12, I got a B.
I decided to create a final copy of this piece, PM me if you want me to update you when it's done!
Thanks to the guys at the Review Request club for the GREAT reviews, they were good eye-openers.

And the text in the bubble was "Hey, everybody's already doing it!", so you didn't miss much.


It is alright

As much as I like the humor of the picture the only issue is with the mouth. I'm pretty sure Garfield should have fangs in his mouth instead of just a few teeth in front. Then again I guess the coke explains why Garfield hates Mondays? Because he can barely remember the day before. Oh well, it appears Garfield has a new and harmful addiction to something other than lasagna now.

The shading and use of just a pencil is really good too since it looks a bit like something I would do except a bit more abstract in a way. It is also a good start for you seeing as you have no other art either. I would only advice you maybe to slow down a bit on future pieces and think a bit more about the characteristics of a character. Aside from that it is pretty good for your first art submission.

Review Request Club

Open mouth presents an issue

With all of the Garfield cartoons that I've watched over my many years of cartoon-based indulgence, I can honestly say that I don't think I've ever seen Garfield's mouth open. That's the one thing that made the most of the cartoon, was the factt hat Garfield was even too lazy to move his lips to speak. Though this was more than made up for by Odie and his hyperactive tongue.

With how laid back Garfield is, I'd have pictured him smoking a joint or a bong, because relaxants like Marijuana almost seem to be of the same genus as him. Coke being the opposite way, this is going to have some really weird consequences, so with the face that you're drawn for him, it's almost like he's done some Marijuana already.

The background is not the best I've seen - it almost seems that you've added it as an afterthought, so please consider working on that, as it's another point to think of, with the way that the focus isn't always drawn to the central part of the image.

[Review Request Club]

It's a start

Well, it's obvious that this picture needs a lot of work, but it is a start. I think you can use this picture to work out all the major and minor flaws and then redraw it on a new canvas.

First of all, this piece looks too sketchy right now. The lines don't look too clear and on the first glance the picture looks too messy.

But I like that you took the time to draw a little background, even though the door on the right side looks a bit too small.

You drew Garfield's face pretty good, but his body should be a bit fatter (his stomach looks too thin ^^). But on the other hand, maybe he looks so "thin" right now because all he does now is coke?

Overall, I like the idea of this pic and the joke is actually quite good. You just need to work a bit more on this piece.

{ Review Request Club }

I think it needs a lot of work.

It's definitely something that I would title as a sketch and not exactly something that I would want to showcase as my best work. I actually think it's a small level above the old Charlie Brown stuff that I made and it's probably only better because I tried to follow the art style as close as I could and yours has it's own personal touch. (Which is great, I love that you added your own personal touch to this piece, it's the best feature for sure)

All around I feel it's very sloppy, even for a sketch. I don't know if you needed to use pencil for the whole thing, but in my opinion it doesn't really look good. I would have loved to see cleaner thinner lines and shading with colored pencils instead of the normal gray pencil.

The window, the shadow, and the other places that you used a darker shade really don't look good at all. All in all the setting is rough at best and needs to be much neater before you have a good picture. The best thing would have to be the character in the middle even though the one side of his head looks like you messed up pretty bad.

So my overall opinion is that you need to take more time on this. Use thin and neat lines instead of the chicken scratch that you used on the majority of the picture and add some color and shade with the color instead of the black and gray. Those things should give the picture a better look.

~ Review Request Club ~

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Blue-Dolphin responds:

Thanks bro, good to hear actual CONSTRUCTIVE criticism around Newgrounds for a change. But yes, it is a rough sketch, a REALLY rough sketch, I got the idea randomly in class to draw a beloved cartoon character huffing lines of snarsh, so I asked a girl in my class to name a famous cartoon character, and she said 'Garfield' I referred to a screenshot of a Garfield episode for the face features (The lines on the head and all that) but the image came out COMPLETELY different than the reference image itself.

But, the whole 'theme' I guess you'd call it isn't about the art quality, it's more of the story behind it, to show things like people you wouldn't even think twice of ever doing drugs, really do them, or how the government hides the fact that cocaine is widespread across the whole of North America, or whatever you as a person think it represents, I know it's not the most mature image, but it does have some effort in it, not artistically per se, but on a deeper level it can have the ability to turn heads and say "Woah, that's Garfield, and he's doing DRUGS!".

But altogether I spend maybe half an hour on the Garfield, and the table with a 6B pencil (All I had -.-) and I spent not even 5 minutes on the backround with a characoal stick.

But thanks again, Fro :)

Funny, but impersonal.

I'm not getting an atmosphere from this piece. It's not the lack of color; it's the lack of detail. The walls in particular are just there-- they're nothing to look at, which is a detriment to the quality of this piece. The scratches are good, as they add to the humorously dreary setting, but some peeling wallpaper and a mouse-hole would have greatly improved it.

The picture is very funny, but I'm not entirely sure where you came up with the concept. I can't say that I "get" the joke, but the shock value gives me a laugh.

There are some small details that you missed, the most bothersome (for me) being Garfield's stripes. They're missing. Across his sides, stretching just a bit onto his stomach (ar at least visible from this angle) should be Garfield's triangular stripes. The other thing that bothered me was the perspective; look at the picture once, and Garfield is lined up with the table. Look at it again, and it appears he would have to lean to reach it. Even it up.

Review Request Club

Blue-Dolphin responds:

Hmm. I should make a final copy of this in colored pencil or paint, I'll keep all that in mind, believe it or not, the suggestions you just gave me can actually be totally helpful. Thanks, Rabid.

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Credits & Info

Dec 7, 2010 | 1:23 AM EST
File Info
859 x 931 px
215.1 kb

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