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Shuko OC & Aerie from Baldur's Gate II



It was a typical lazy morning as Aerie and her mentor rode the carriage. The mentor was absorbed planning leaving Aerie to her thoughts about her dress. Tugging at the top of her dress she lets out a low moan as the silk dress tightens against her chest forcing the edges of her mounds to bulge against the dress.

Ooooh… she thought to herself I must look like the strumpets that litter every drunken dive.

Trying to shake off the discomfort she locks her fingers behind herself and stretches. her ample mounds straining against her dress As she arched her back, threatening to escape their silken confines.


Noticing that her mentor had glanced up at her sneeze she manages to utter a quick apology before returning to her thoughts.

Why do I wear this dress, it's so uncomfortable. Is it because he brought it for me. Is he a pervert… No I guess he didn't expect me to grow so-

Wait. Why is he still looking at me? No he's looking somewhere lower, somewhere... Oh no.

In a dreadful revelation she realizes that her lovely mound was liberated by her sneeze and that he had been staring at it. Embarrassed and shocked she seizes up Like a small frighten creature under his gaze; her arms felt like stone, her hands clammy, and a furious blush had spread across her face.

I-I can't move! Quick say something, make him stop.

Trying to protest she manages little more than weak whimpers and stutters. Unable to meet his gaze she turns her head while attempting to shrink in on herself, her cheeks burning from embarrassment.

Why isn't he saying anything… Ooooh, he must think I'm indecent… Does he?

Doing a quick double check she's caught off guard by the faintest slash of a smile. Unused to the attention she looks away, shifting in her seat. Sweat gathering on her chin as her nipple hardened in the brisk morning air.

He's smiling. Is it because of me? He isn't-I'm not. Does he think I'm pretty? Does he like my looks?

Forgotten in the awkwardness, a drop of sweat drips from her chin onto her chest before disappearing in the lovely darkness between her mounds. Surprised she yelps causing her mounds to jiggle and more drops to fall.

By the goddess, I can't believe he saw that!

Deciding that it has gone on too far her mentor feigns ignorance and breaks the silence between them.

"Aerie, your is undone. You should fix it" He said, offering her an escape. "Also, let's see a tailor about that dress. You've fleshed out quite nicely since the circus."

On the verge of tears, his words spurn her hand into action while her mouth mutters enough to accept the escape.

That was… exciting.

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...Well, that was cool.

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Dec 16, 2016
8:25 PM EST
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