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If Kaos is allowed to do his stuff you're allowed to yours. Personally, I like both you guys stuff, but that's just me

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'salright. people (below me) are definitely way too overly sensitive.

Its said that you have to put the N word in your art it only show's that how much of a low life racist you are . And then on top of that the word Nigger cam from slave owner... Slave masters but hey you know only people who think its ok to throw around the word Niggers are 12 Year old yes on Xbox and PlayStation and ever other gaming stuff out there and Racist people. But then so little Timmy or Billy or fucking Sahara is going to get on her and SAY something like . OMG STFU you Nigger or I wish slavery was still around , or something on the line like that. I hear a lot 12 year old kids saying why do blacks call each or there Nigger but I cant say it .Well because its racist and your family before you who own slaves said it to make black feel as I we are nothing . and I think someone is going to say but rappers in music's say it non stop . That is because they say nigga and not Nigger (the book Huckleberry Finn trust me look it up on how many times the Nigger word have been used ) so do I find this art racist yes do I like how the arties is making black's look yes. Oh and one more thing . I see more black women staying with black men then the other way around but who am I to talk about half of y'all is going to look at some of the other words and skip over saying OMFG he is racist. no kiddo I am not just look at the Jim crow if you understand that what I am saying is true maybe people would think more rather then about what they think before they say anything like omg this are is amazing and to Elite SFPM AND YUGLAND. I bet you are the 2 year old kids going around calling black men kids and women niggers do you? And get a good joke out o it when black are not around well that is all I have to say


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people are too sensitive to the nigger word, this is very well done, I espectially like your skin tones. Keep up the good work

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Jul 7, 2016
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