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(I'm still unsure about the rating system here, s this ok?)

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Original? yes I mean I haven't seen anything like this before inhere (not that I am super active in here) but there are some points that bug me a bit. The elbow on the right creeps me out could be that it is perfectly fine but it is just creepy to me. And then the anatomy of the body that is reducing the score even more. In the upper legs there are 2 bones not 1. And the neck bone has the same width as the leg bone just does not cut it for me.

I know to perfectly copy the human anatomy with a decapitation and removal of the legs is not easy but some effort may be demanded ... unless of course this is not a human and thus I am giving you a bad rating of something that has no reasoning to it.

I do hope to see more work of you in the future and as far as I am concern this is the appropriate place.

Blauherz responds:

Thank you for complimenting it's originality!

In the upper leg there's only one bone, the femur. The lower leg though has two, tibia and fibula. Easy to mix up, no?
And I actually drew the neck vertebrae too small, but an argument can be made that it'd be covered by blood or overlapping muscles. I don't see where it's of the same size as the femur as you state, it's drawn much smaller even though it should be larger.
If you wish to further discuss incorrect anatomy perhaps you should mention the unrealistic small waist, or the fact that not a single muscle was referenced anywhere, at all? Or that the DS's perspectiive is warped, and that the upper screen is bigger than the lower one?

You are right with the elbow though, it should flow from the upper arm, not the lower one.

If you demand perfect copies of human anatomy then perhaps this is not the account to demand it from. While I enjoy the human anatomy I rarely reference and rate style over theoretical biological functionality.

Thank you very much for your insightful comment, I hope can further enjoy my art.

I freaking love this drawing. Everything about it is awesome.

wow I think i'm reading into it too much, but I see a deep meaning in this drawing O.O

Blauherz responds:

I'm very curious, please enlighten me!

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4.72 / 5.00

May 23, 2015
12:51 AM EDT
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