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Yeah I made two of these! And how could I not, theEND's got an awesome design and Anemone and Dominic are some of the best characters in the series, their romance is just as gripping and fun to follow as that of Eureka and Renton themself which is really neat considering it's just relegated to side characters and interspersed throughout probably like, four episodes total for development yet feels just as natural.

My ramblings in this one are so spoilerific that if you haven't seen Eureka 7 and plan on doing so, DON'T READ. At all.

When I drew this one, I was only about halfway through the series, so the development between Anemone and Dominic wasn't all there yet, but the two of them had such distinct and fun personalities that this had to be done. I wouldn't have expected the result I got later near the end of the show out of these two. That episode when she finally realizes her feelings for him and confesses to him in freefall (Gulliver and everyone's positioning in that moment reminded me so much of Haku and Chihiro in Spirited Away) was just so beautiful that it brought me to tears, one of the absolute sweetest and greatest moments in the entire show. They're too CUTE. But nothing prepared me for what came after that.

I already mentioned in the first drawing of this set that the Nirvash is one of my favorite characters in the show, well I should say the Nirvashes. Because this episode turned theEND from just being a badass mech I thought was cool, to possibly my second favorite character in the ENTIRE show. It really says something though, because up until that point I never even thought of theEND as being a character at all, then one single moment completely reversed that. When theEND sacrifices itself to save Anemone and Dominic I just felt horrible, I even said out loud "oh god please don't please don't I'm not ready for this". I just felt so bad for the poor thing, he'd been abused and neglected his entire life since it was dug up, basically he is Eureka if she hadn't changed her ways and joined the Gekko-go. And it's a tragic and depressing thing, unlike Eureka he never even got a chance to try a new life of happiness and peace, just stuck as a tool of the government for it's entire life up til it's last moments alive, what I find so sweet about him though, is I don't think theEND enjoyed killing or being a weapon of mass destruction, I think it went along for the ride, because it loved Anemone. The only reason it finally began to take charge of itself for once is because it finally realized just how much Anemone hated her role in life as well, and it wanted to help her even if it meant dying in the process. It had the most precious look on it's face when it died I'm never going to forget it.

The huge assortment of different characters in this show is one of the reasons I love it so much, everyone comes in pairs, either romantically or not, Type Zero and theEND, Renton and Eureka, Anemone and Dominic, Holland and Talho, Ray and Charles, and my favorite ship in the show; Sakuya and Norbu, to name a few. You get to see so many different viewpoints of this world, and I love it, my absolute favorite character in the entire show though, is one that's paired with EVERYONE. Some may not even count it as a character, but I do, and it's the Scab Coral as a whole. This show has such a fantastic and creative premise, the Scab Coral is an amazing concept and I love it. A semi-sentient constantly self-replicating creature that doesn't understand it's impact is so sad but so sweet, the Coralians as a whole are some of the best things about the show, if I ever end up drawing my fan character, I'm gonna go into a lot of talk about that Scab Coral, because it's a huge part of my FC.


I laughed when I saw Gulliver. Also clever title.

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BLARGEN69 responds:

Thanks!! If only a title for the type Zero drawing came as easily as this one did xD AND YES!!! Some people I showed this to didn't even NOTICE Gulliver!

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