The Planigma of Terminus Fault


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Finally, after weeks now of WAITING for you to finally show your face you freaking did it you cute little asymmetrical moeblob of perfection you!!!

So many people by now must be tired of having to hear me rave about you, I've talked endlessly, be it when my family went out to eat with me and all I could talk about was THE NEW POKEMON a week ago or or the DOZENS of tweets incessantly whining aboutWHEr"S THE NEW POEKMEON for weeks or GOD ANYONE WHO TALKS TO MEP RIVATELY havingt o deal with IDDIYOUSEETHNWPOEMONEKEMWANNAHEARMETHEEROIEESSS???!?!!?!?


He's hereHE'S HERE he's real HE'S REAL. Honestly, last night, ironically, I finally was beginning to fear maybe he was an elaborate hoax or something. It'd been so long since the film premiere and there'd honestly been so little fanfare from japanese viewers regarding a new Pokemon being debuted in a trailer that I was starting to worry it wasn't legit. Thanks go out to whoever it was that finally snagged us some video footage though, believe me, I needed it....

Though I find it funny that I could have easily drawn this little guy, or these little guys I should say without footage, considering the sketches had been pretty much perfectly accurate. Still, I told myself I would resist temptation and not draw him until we had some true confirmation. I got a big commission outta the way today so managed to sneak this in, WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't WAIT to know more about him, seriously, my mind has gone wild since the very first word of his existence. I can't wait to hear a name, or anything!!! I've a few theories.

My biggest is that he's directly related to Zygarde, everyone petty much thought that and after seeing true footage it's almost one hundred percent assured. What ain't set in stone yet though is just how they are related. My personal theory? It's a Phione-esque Legendary companion to Zygarde that are potentially many in number. The asymmetry to me is meant to evoke the imagery of a Planarian that's been chopped up and is in the process of regeneration. Or in this case... Re-emergence. I'm pretty dang sure that these things when combined coalesce with Zygarde and become the TRUE full, original Dragon-ish Zygarde which is that colossal silhouetted behemoth from the trailer for next year's movie. Coonstito and I actually came up with a neat idea too that these little guys are evocative of the design of the Kodama from Spirited Away... And that the Zygarde form in the trailer... IS A DAIDARABOTCHI. When you consider Zygarde is a nature guardian and protector of the land... Kinda goes well together eh? Throw in the imagery of Xerneas and you've got some Mononoke up in here bby.

What about you guys? Any thoughts or theories!? I'd love to hear them, this is SO exciting!!! I'm almost certain now that my old theory of a 6.5 gen game coming to fill up the empty Kalos Dex is happening now!!!!!!!!!


Love the colors that you used and the way you present them!
Great job! :D

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Aug 2, 2015
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