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Rachel Mallory


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Apr 6, 2014 | 11:27 PM EDT
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Author Comments

Rachel was a sweet and kind and loving as well as lovable little human girl, she was a bundle of joy and a precious gift to her two loving parents. However she was born with a gift, she could see and interact with those who have moved on, yes she was a medium. Rachel's parents initially thought she had a mental disorder but over time began to accept her gift and saw it for what it was and became true believers of the paranormal. They kept Rachel's gift hidden behind closed doors however, she was homeschooled and sheltered heavily. Regardless she grew up a healthy and happy little girl, but life took an unfortunate turn for dear Rachel and her family the day they moved into their new home in the city.
This new place was wrong, just wrong right from the getgo. Rachel being as sweet and trusting as she was however could not interpret the dreadful presence and entity that resided in their new home. The home was haunted, a poltergeist claimed it as his turf, presumably the reason the last family no longer lived there and the home was available for so cheap. Had Rachel been a bit less naive and trusting perhaps, just maybe her life as well as her parents would not have been ended. The entity killed her parents after months of torment, he would lie to Rachel throughout these never letting her know that he was the culprit. Once her parents were killed by his actions she was left alone and vulnerable with no one to turn to for parenthood. The demon poltergeist took his chance, and possessed the young little medium. Having found a weak and susceptible host he could now wreak havoc easier being fully physical.
At least that's what he had hoped. It seems Rachel's gift was just a little too strong for him to control, at least all the time. Yes, after possessing her SHE became his possessor as well. They now are stuck together, Rachel won't let him ever leave her side and still thinks he is her best friend like the way he lied to her when she first moved in. He wants nothing to do with her but she clings to him like a small child would their favorite toy, for all intents and purposes, he is stuck with her. So he makes the best of the situation. They now live together in the cold dark house, the infamous Mallory Manor that every person in town knows to stay away from ever since the family of three died. Yes, Rachel is now half dead. The possession has put her in a strange phase of lifelessness as well as death. She does not age, she no longer hungers or tires.
Rachel haunts that home to this day and seemingly haunts it. She acts just as happy as she ever did, after all she has her best friend by her side for all eternity so she can never be bored. She stores the demon inside the felt-toothed hood of her cute little sweater, however sometimes he gains the upper hand and possesses her fully temporarily. When he does this the hood throws itself over her head giving her an intimidating appearance complete with frightening glowing green eyes. While under his control Rachel is a little violent and malicious imp, in essence it's like a paranormal case of bipolar disorder.

Rachel Mallory is a character from my comic Astronautical.



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