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Continuation of where we left of with Suz' and Carol



Jillian is... The most.. What's a nice way of putting this... Well, Jillian's, appearance is what caused the entire mermaid project to be cancelled and the girls ordered to be euthanized.. Yeah, she's not exactly what one would call a success.

A splice of Human, Jelloid, and Jellyfish DNA. It, didn't turn out very good... One must wonder what their goals even where when trying to militarize a jellyfish of all things, whatever it was, she didn't meet them. She was a spectacular failure. Jillian offers essentially no offensive capabilities. Sure, she can sting you if she touches you with her tentacles but it's very difficult for her to swim at all and she's usually in a state of floating aimlessly or kicking, she's literally a mermaid that can't swim. Her arms are too weak to even doggy paddle. As if that wasn't already crippling enough, when testing to see how deep she could go her brain which is one of her few remaining human organs began to swell from the immense pressures and caused her skull to explode. She's lost an incredible amount of brain cells despite the immense size increase, and it shows...

Jillian is not too bright. At all, sounds like a certain other famous Jelloid we all know pretty well.. Jillian's functional of course, she can speak, though she often trails off mid-sentence or forgets what she was even saying entirely and is prone to completely insane ramblings. She's never one to say a cruel word though, despite all the stuff life's thrown at her she's an incredibly kind and sweet person. It's a wonder she's even with the rest of the girls at all given their vastly different demeanor. Jillian doesn't like what they do, but she goes along and complies because she loves them like sisters. The leader always gives Jillian specific tasks to keep her busy because she loves to try to be helpful, emphasis on the try. The tasks are always completely useless things but she gives them her all and takes her jobs very seriously.

Much like her sisters, she's able to communicate with the species that she closely resembles. That is, she would be able to, if Jellyfish had any means of communication or any brains to speak of.... Yeah. I meant it when I say she's pretty useless, but she at least THINKS the Jellyfish listen to her. And it makes her happy, and that's the real place where Jillian excels. Though she can't do much in her own eyes her presence does wonders for the three other girls, without her, their posse would be a pretty pissy party all the time. Jillian can bring a smile to your face, which is fitting considering with her visible skull she's always sporting one herself.

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Feb 8, 2016
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