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Feb 8, 2016 | 5:35 PM EST
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Author Comments

The fourth and final member of the Mermaids, and their leader, Jeniver!

Certainly not a looker is she.

Jeniver may not be much of a dish nowadays, but she once was one of the cutest little things you'd ever seen. As you recall the girls were all created in the late 1950s. Due to them being spliced with alien species, all of which have longer lifespans than human beings, the girls age extremely slowly and look in their prime still even to this day. That is all except for Jeniver, who retained human life expectancy. She's incredibly ancient and frail as she's around 100 years old and looks it (and then some).

Despite her age and fragility though the rest of the girls still revere her and listen to her beck and call. Jeniver was the brains behind their escape and the one who helped keep spirits high and devised means of surviving and getting by to this day. I stated before that Suzy is the successful one of the group but it's not entirely true, Jeniver is technically what one could call slightly successful. She was never designed for combat situations though and was purely meant to be a cute little idol mascot for the Navy recruits to ogle. So in that regard she was without a doubt a success, nothing's cuter than a Manta Ray Girl.

Unfortunately there were setbacks. Not only does she age like a normal human being but her skin was not successfully hybridized and she's not water resistant. Her skin wrinkles and warps from salt water exposure as would a normal person, alas, she can't live outside of salt water now, so she's like a leathery disgusting prune times ten. One could consider her the biggest failure of the four, Jeniver seems to think it, envious of her 'sister's' retained beauty as well as longevity compared to her. She despises humanity for what they did to her more than any of them and her animosity has spread on to the other tenfold over the decades through her teachings and lessons in depravity and cruelty. Her lust for revenge grows more and more with each wrinkle her withered crone body adds to itself. Feeling a sense of abandonment she's turned her back entirely on humankind and her mind can probably never be changed. She's crass and cusses a lot in a horribly gross voice, a stark contrast to the high pitched Manta voice she had in her youth.

The girls live to this day in an undersea palace somewhere beyond the sea of Jeniver's design. She wants nothing more than to exact vengeance and wipe out mankind, but their crippling attachment to the ocean and inability to go on land makes that difficult. When a deep sea solar power facility is built however an opportunity arises. Jeniver believes they can accelerate the melting of the polar ice caps if they take control of and orient the array toward the poles, flooding the entire world and putting an end to the wretched humans and growing the kingdom of the sea which she believes rightfully deserves global expansion. For her, the world is not enough.

I got the idea for Jeniver from Jenny Hanivers; dehydrated Sting Ray carcasses that once were sold as captured mermaids