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Go Go Gojiras


A Show By Rock! and Godzilla crossover band I made recently... Probably making me the first person to ever cross these two things over, it's that Jurassic Park / Legend of Korra drawing of mine all over again.

The Band!!

Gigan- ガイガン - This cyborg freak was born to shred!.... He doesn't! You'd think if anybody rocks the guitar it'd be Gigan but he loves the synthesizer! Gigan's the flashiest and most crazy of the group, he'll often pick up the speakers on-stage and destroy them with the chainsaw in his chest producing a sparks firework display, and he'll shoot his eye beams for a laser show. His metallic screeches sounds are integral to some of the band's most famous post-'98 hits. Gigan has more groupies than he knows what to do with.
Rodan- ラドン - The quietest and most reserved of the bunch, he never was quite the same after losing his ex-girlfriend in a volcano incident. His writing contributions lend to some of the more moody songs in the group's discography. It's ironic that his closest friend in the group is Gigan, on rare occasions the two of them fly above the audience causing screams of delight. Rodan is a master of almost every kind of wind instrument. _____________________________________________________________________
Godzilla- ゴジラ - The Big G himself, he's the leader of the bunch and you know him well. Godzilla rocks an electric guitar and is a booming lead vocalist for the group. He once left nothing but destruction and fallout in his wake but now leaves concerts with nothing but tears of joy from the fans. Just don't cheer too much or he'll attempt a crowd-surf, it usually doesn't turn out too good.
Anguirus- アンギラス - Godzilla horny best friend!!... I probably could have phrased that better... He's an accompanying guitarist and the band wouldn't have their authentic Go-Go sound if it weren't for their bff synchronicity. Anguirus is always there for his best friend through thick and thin and has pulled him out of many a radioactive drug habit over the years. _____________________________________________________________________
Mothra- モスラ - Once an Earth Goddess now a Rock Goddess. Music has been a part of her life even before being born, it was only natural she'd see her fellow kaiju as well as herself found a band together one day. She plays the drums and writes many of the group's songs. She has many children which all have gone on to have their own music careers. Mothra has seen to it that many of the band's ticket revenue goes to environmental causes, Gigan thinks she's a buzzkill.
King Ghidorah- キングギドラ - The King of Space now the King of Rock. They are vocalists as well and predominantly are chorus and back-up for Godzilla, they can reach high notes so high that they can shatter glass. Ever hear Ghidorah's school-girl-ish 'roar'? It's that raised to
eleven, but it sounds great when put to song. The three have a great synchronicity and get along great with Godzilla now. Ironically though they always seem to work as one, off-stage Ghidorah's heads let the fame get to them and they bicker over which of the three has the most fans. Fans adore the lightning shows they put on during the Monster Zero March at the end of every concert.

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omg i want to marry this!

BLARGEN69 responds:

Ahahaha thank you! I'm thinking of putting up prints of it or them individually soon if you're interested! Thanks for following by the way!

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4.91 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2015
6:44 PM EDT
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