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Some poor unfortunate souls who have fallen victim to a parasitic lifeform from my comic Astronautical; Crolyps. Crolyps are a highly dangerous parasitic lifeform from the planet Reep. Crolyps are a mass relay of interconnected smaller organisms that are the actual Crolyp, they form colonies with one another that come in all sorts of colors and varieties, making them one of the most beautiful sights in the universe. Their behavior is far from beautiful though, Crolyps spread like a disease and incredibly rapidly, they infect any and all living organisms they can come across so long as they find a means of entering the blood stream. This is not a difficult task for any poor unfortunate creature that finds it's way on the planet Reep, for Crolyp formations are razor sharp in every edge and will cut through most anything by even a slight touch, to make matters worse Crolyps have a mutualistic relationship with a species of worm on Reep, the worm feeds upon the inner organs of infected lifeforms and the worm is utilized as a dangerous weapon by the Crolyps, if something is covered in an armor that isn't cutting by the Crolyp growth alone then the worms emerge and strike and slash the victim until an opening is given. Upon contact with Reep air an open wound is infected immediately and the growths form within minutes on the victim violently, it attacks the neural system first and takes control of the body of an individual, overtime the internal anatomy is hollowed out and once the transformation is complete a victim becomes a walking mass of Crolyp growth. These 'zombies' usually are inert and fused with the growth of the planet when no viable hosts are in an area but if something enters Reep or a Crolyp infection zone they rise and seek the victims to add them to their collective. Crolyps have no motives other than to spread their numbers and reach.

There is not a single more dangerous threat as of yet known by xenobiologists, Reep is under the strictest lockdown of anything in the Alliance Universe and ships are shot in sight of coming into it's vicinity and not heeding warning calls to turn back. The danger posed by a single Crolyp leaving the planet is far too great to risk. It's been said that anything that sets foot on Reep never comes back.

This looks to be some sort of research facility that was set up on reep, that's Crolyp growths outside of the breached window, given the fact that a research team would take the highest of quarantine procedures they probably didn't have an infection start from within but rather Crolyp zombies from the outside,perhaps by space pirates (Reep's Crolyp formations can be utilized to amke some of the most potent underground drugs within the known universe) that fell victim to the unforgiving planet. Whatever the means of the infection's beginnings, I'm pretty sure everyone in this lab is dead now.

Crolyps are based on Coral polyps, Reep itself is one gigantic play on Coral Reefs.


love the style, i could use your help with some similar style work

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