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Meg and I watched all of Eureka 7 the last two weeks and oh my god, my heart. I love this show to pieces!! How did nobody tell me a show about, what this is about HAHA existed, I'm mad! AND GLAD I watched it. It's now without a doubt one of my favorite series.

It's got just such a fantastic universe and world in it, lots of series come up with good ones but few ever really like to explore it like E7 did. Refing, the landscapes being oceanic, the sky-fish, the oppressive militaristic government, the brainwashing of the masses, the usurpation, the religious aspect there's just so much. And the list of characters I fell in love with is just insanely long, just about everybody introduced even minor crew members on the Gekko-Go are adorable as heck and memorable. I love this world so much, that this is now the first series I've ever created fan characters for dsfkldskmlfl
I might draw and post pictures of those two characters in the future sometime if I feel like it.

I'm venting out spoilers most likely so if you never saw E7 and
plan on doing so I don't reccomend reading my rantings anymore.

I'm a sucker for romance, and Eureka 7 has plenty of it, and it's all handled great. Seriously I love basically every pairing the series threw at us, and there's a lot of em. The series is at it's core a romance and not just an action mecha series, and Renton and Eureka if not a good pairing would've just destroyed the show entirely and made it insufferable. It isn't the case, these two are such cuties! Seeing Eureka evolve as a human and gain emotions through love is so fun, Renton's an idiot but a lovable one, too many scenes in this show just got me so good. Their relationship really does feel real and develops realistically, Renton's feelings remind me of the way my romantic side was at the age of 14 too, and he matures in that regard as the series progresses it just all flows so well.

It's a three-way relationship in a sense, not romantically but character development-wise as the Nirvash learns more and more the more she's with em and I just LOVE IT SO MUCH. Nirvash herself is one of my favorite characters in the show because of it, yes, her, omg it's so adorable that it decided to become a lady according to the final episode! xD I like to headcanon, that, the Nirvash is fascinated by Renton and Eureka's budding romance and as she learns what love is by observing them it becomes one of her favorite emotions, she may not be able to find a love for herself being a giant robot and all, but she loves love. And watches the two of them develop with intent like a soap opera or something! I just laugh imagining her seeing Renton say a stupid thing to Eureka that hurts her feelings and Nirvash is just screaming internally "NO YOU FREAKING IDIOT, GO APOLOGIZE DON'T SAY STUFF LIKE THAT" but Renton can't hear her and neither can Eureka for most of the romance scenes aldkafmdslk. I also like to imagine that at the end of the series once Nirvash left she used her spare time to write up a romance novel about Renton, Eureka, and her experiences on Earth that becoms a best seller across the universe AND ALL SORTS OF SENTIENT RACES ACROSS THE UNIVERSE get to learn about the story of Eureka 7 maybe even species that don't have the capacity to love will learn it YES spread the love Nirvash! You go girl!



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BLARGEN69 responds:

Thanks so much!!

I watched this series last year and I completely agree with you an everything you wrote. Now that you know how awesome the series is as an action and a romance story DO NOT WATCH the sequel Astral Ocean before watching the movie unless you want to ruin what made the original so great. I'm not going to explain anything here. Just know that the first series is all you need to be happy.

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BLARGEN69 responds:

Unfortunately I'm already fully aware of how awfully received AO was by, just about, everybody. It's next on my to-watch list after the movie, such a shame that things apparently fell apart when this show had built such a fantastic universe to work with. Keep an eye out for my Fan Character drawing sometime in the future, cause honestly, it probably is a better concept than what we gotdsklfmasfk But, I'm hopeful that I'll at the least ENJOY Astral Ocean... I mean, I love Dragon Ball GT, even more than Z, and everyone hates GT.. With Eureka Seven though, based on what I've heard, it seems it should've been left alone.

Thanks so much for following by the way!! And I love the comments!

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