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In The Flow Of Abundance


This is actually a spiritually inspired piece. If you've ever heard of "Flowdreaming" by Summer McStravic, she leads you through a type of guided day-dream (similar to mediation but quicker & easy) in which you FEEL yourself in the natural flow of the Universe, and your own personal flow.

You know that expression "Go with the Flow" or "I'm in the flow"?

Yeah, well I tend to visualize myself nude... that's just me, everyone else sees something different.

Probably if you're into stuff like "The Secret" you'd understand what I mean...

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never herd of it. but this looks awsome. keep it up


Again great work. I can't stop but enjoy the style you use. Keep posting!


i love your art its really....mood altering.. in a good way lol ...however im not gonna lie i am more interest in this flow dreaming when i saw that refereance to the secret im into all of that...but i am definatly gonna check that out :)

This wins

I love this style, and your art.

One thing, though, the money should be crinkled a bit. Floating like that ;o

Bound to get messed up~

I'm sensing a theme...

... about materialism and raping the spirit of holidays. I love the color and drawing girls in the water makes for some really awesome character designs. Bravo for that. This may be a bias, but after viewing your other stuff I think I prefer this style over the anime/manga. I never got into anime because it just struck me as less original since you're adopting someone else's style. You've got your own thing going for you.

BlackUniGryphon responds:

Yeah, it's a spiritual piece. You should look up 'Flowdreaming" on google and try it.

This was just my interpretation of a guided day dream. i tend to see myself as nude. So, it just came out that way.

About Anime. I have a love-hate relationship with it. So much of it sux, but the stories are good, and it's sooooooooooooo popular! You could draw a something crappy but EVERYONE wants to see it because it's ANIME!!!! WTF!

Actually all the anime pieces I posted were based on stuff from real Japanese Mangas. But, I had to try to make mine to look more "correct" because they draw so flat. But, if I make it too "correct" it doesn;t look like anime.

thanx for the feed back *hugs*

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Oct 7, 2009
6:48 PM EDT
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