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Commision- Zephyr


Author Comments

This is a commission I did for a friend of mine. This is a character she uses in an adventure RP her and a few friends do online. Seeing as I'm the only Anthro artist she knows, she asked me to do it.

Really, he's something I call a "halfsie." By that, I mean a human who can transform into an Anthro. This was only a half-commission. I'm not saying it was completely a commission, as I did it for a friend for free. Weather you want them or not, here are the parameters she gave me.

Name: Zephyr
Nickname: "Mutt"
Race: Mixed
-Werewolf/Wolf (50%) -Human (50%)
Human form-Height: 5'9"
Human form-Weight: 189 lbs
Human form-Eye Color: Green
Wolf form-Eye Color: Green
Human form-Hair Color: Black
Human form-Hair Length: Short (Style) Spiked
Wolf form-Fur Color: Black with white marks
Markings/Identifying Features: Human form has Wolf Ears and Tail and an orage and red dragon tattoo

Sexual Orientation: Straight
Religion: Unknown
Grew up in- Fields/Open Land
Works best in- Open land/forest
Works worst in- Cold locations/Mud
Current residence- None

Physical body:
Human- Slim, muscular, uses an axeas a weapon. (His axe was built for him by his magical arts teacher, Saya. The red gem in the dragon's eye is imbued with energy, and it power the runes on the Axe's hilt. Those runes keep him in contact with Saya and imbue him with extra strength and sheild him.)
Wolf Form- Dark fur, very muscular, long claws that are razor-sharp, very tall.

Education: Unknown
Intelligence (IQ Count) At least 120
Father: Unknown
Mother: (Human) Unknown , killed by Cyrus whn they were younger
Sister: Jewel
Brother: Cyrus

Birthplace: A small home on a field outside of a somewhat large town
Love interests: None
Enemies: Cyrus
Temperament: Optimistic
Dreams: To become as strong as possible and find a nice woman to take care of
Fears: Nothing
Personality: Serious, but can also be playful and tends to mess with people's heads when joking around with them
Physical posture: Doesn't always stand his tallest, slouches when he sits

Okay, way to much typing for a simple illustration. Oh well. Hope you like it.


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Feb 5, 2010
8:10 PM EST
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