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PM-Secretary Nano V.01c


Shadman has become a popular guy. He's being so successful now that his services are required worldwide. So now he has to travel a lot, and this has caused him quite an issue: The raise on hand-luggage taxes is making very costly for him to travel with his reliable robotic assistant, the Pleasure Model-Secretary.
Thus, the other day Shady asked me to design him a portable model which can be carried in a pocket, as it's marked by the tendency nowadays.
Now, I present you the Pleasure Model-Secretary Nano V.01c
(abbreviated Nan-C)
I hope you find the design satisfactory.
And now, a brief message of interest:

Why? Well, that way, clicking the "trade" tag link will take to us a gallery showcasing the history of such practice in this humble portal. As the resulting images are usually uploaded the same day, navigating with the <previous> and <next> buttons will allow people to look at both pieces of the trade on a fast and convenient way, as well as satisfying their curiosity for other people's trades. Everybody wins this way!

If you have made trades already, you can edit the tags so you can show your works in the gallery. It's as easy as clicking the [edit] button and it won't take you more than a couple of minutes.

I'd like to encourage you all to get into this habit. Sorry for the lecture and thank you for reading.

EDIT: I know it's a bit late for this, but I want to thank whoever responsible for this illustration to reach frontpage. It's been a great shot of morale direct to the vein, but it's also been twice the rewarding because this illustration was intended for a fellow ngrounder.

Thank you, guys. I really appreciate it.

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That is what i love...

nice..and it looks hot metal!

BizarroJoe responds:

Each time I see this one, I can't believe I could whip this up in three days. But, girl, there were three stressful days...
Heh, I didn't thought of that "hot metal", you got a point there! I just tried to mimic Shady's color pattern.
Thanks for your comment! As we'd say in "shadlingo"... "I apprechiate it!"

Amazing Artwork

Quiero una de esas secretarias eficientes y sepsis, no se por que pero tengo algo hacia las androides.

Me agrada como juegas con las lineas y las luces junto con los tonos se mezclan bien y aunque suena sencillo lo hace ver muy detallado

BizarroJoe responds:

So you have a sweet spot for technophilia...? Don't worry then, I have something for the future in that fashion, just be patient.
Thank you very much for your kind words! Sorry for taking time in responding, I was suffering one of those misanthropic crisis prior to the first stage of a new illustration...
¡So mamón, me haces desear hacer pechos grandes, QUIERO TETAAAA!!!
(Y si el tiempo no lo impide, las habrá.) >; ]


I saw this one shad's HP. I like it A lot! :-D

BizarroJoe responds:

Dammit, SmokeryDots, the master of sackery!
( Explanation: SACKERY - Rare ability of some artists to render the innards of their subjects bulging and/or protuding against/through the skin. Only people with great sense of volume and skill can do this stunt. )
Gosh, I feel so honored! Thank you lots for commenting here, man!

BTW, Your homepage is super cool! But also guilty because my elder brother gets always sad each time somebody vandalises Mickey Mouse...

Notbad at all

Ok so this is pretty nifty, not sure if i have reviewed some of your work but guess it is about time, now as for this piece its kinda jumping out at you, and you could have gone all out on nudity and such but you kept it so-so not clean but still ok i thought anyways, the colors are jumping out at me especially the hair color, which have some really nice tones i thought, Now as for the "COLOR" of the body i thought could have had more mixture of colors besides the pale skin like colors, but still i found it to be entertaining, and pleasent, it allows the hair and head to have more focus then anywthing else, You put in alot of detail which i like, i wouldnt mind abit more shade effects say in the body and maybe abit artwork in the backround might be fitting aswell, but with all that said it was a real decent piece, and i had a pleasure of reviewing it, so some ideas might ad some sorta office in the backround, some more deeper shades in the body tones and such but overall it was pretty neat work.

As explained some more shades in the body, and some backround detail aswell.


BizarroJoe responds:

My style doesn't really mix well with that "shading" you suggest. The result would eventually turn into a real mess, and if not, the piece would lose that simple appeal that separate colors give it, for not mentioning it would lose quite of its (arguable, of course) uniqueness. The outlines are intended for "shading" already.
And as for the background, my references didn't have one, and it was not requested. And it would have took more days than the time I actually had. I'm sure Shad preferred a crisp transparency as he did in his original drawings so he can use it as whatever he wanted.

Una de estas para que me llevase las cuentas...

...me irÃ-a de lujo, aunque eso de los tornillos en los pezones me da un poco de repelús, jajajajaj, pero por lo demás ¿qué te voy a decir? Eres un fenómeno con los vectores, ¿aún sigues con el Freehand o ya te has pasado a Illustrator?

BizarroJoe responds:

Eso se lo dices a Shady... Si te digo la verdad, siempre he querido dibujarla con un destornillador ajustandose las "cosas", pero la pose siempre me salia rara. Una pena, jolines...
Pues hace que no toco el Freehand... Na mas que a titulo testimonial para importar a Flash. Sigo usando el CorelDRAW 13... La verdad es que ya me vale, usando Illustrator directamente me quitaria un porron de dolores de cabeza. Pero el Photoshop que tengo es el 7... Habra que rebuscar un poco.
Me esta bien empleado por usar programas del año de la 'Tana.

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4.14 / 5.00

May 6, 2010
4:59 PM EDT
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