Late year draughts & thoughts

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Late year draughts & thoughts

Author Comments

These were all drawn the 31st of December... I just fancied to use some ink, despite this cheap-ass paper of my sketchbook is completely unadequate for such media... You can see how it bloats here and there.
I can't avoid using crappy materials to draw. I can afford better ones now, but I've always been using paper left-overs and chinese pencils who came as a gift with the popcorn... Now I've been using a good proper mechanical pencil for a long time, to be honest.
I mean, I'm still learning to draw properly. To learn the basics, you don't need fancy expensive materials. You have to draw lots, and study much as well.
I'd like to show people that to draw properly, they only need the will to do so.
But to make professional looking drawings... Then you have to spend some cash.
And lately... I must confess I've been itching for a graphic tablet...
Ah, I feel so dirty, yet I want it!
Any advice on that subject would be much appreciated, my fellows.

But, anyway, thanks for passing by.


Looking through your art

I noticed they all have pointed feet/toes. Why is that?

BizarroJoe responds:

Where do I start? there are quite a few reasons, and I don't feel like writing an essay now...
I'll just say that it has to do with an extreme stylisation of the femenine leg and my past as a dress-up designer.
Sorry for not being able to write more right now! Thanks for commenting!

great work

as always your lines are defined and intentional, loads of impeccable style!

BizarroJoe responds:

But if there's room to improve... We have to achieve for it!
This time, I tried to be more easy on me. And it made me good...
It's really important not to press yourself too hard, but one thing is knowing and another really different one is to realize it...

I'm sorry for taking so much time in responding these comments. Yes this goes for everyone below, too.

Anyway, thank you for your support, bro. Semper fi'.

One of the first and one of the best!

All your art just wows me! I love you, man!

BizarroJoe responds:

My, thank you, pal.
I appreciate you've browsed my gallery. Muchas gracias.

i like how...

you seem to be adding more detail to them... i know these are just sketches and rough ideas but the pace in which you churn these babys out is outstanding!!!... you have really good art style and i wouldnt want you to change it unless your were adapting to it... they are dynamic critters, sometimes i feel that the triangle shapes used are really harsh for some of your pictures... for example the girl with the gun has a really pointy arm and it just looks odd with that little joining bit... where as the other girl is more curvy and flowing... im not saying its bad... its a cool way of using the same idea but to make two different people stand out more... the guy at the top just looks like he has a massive head... still kinda funky... but not keen on the Z shaped arm...

just a few of my thoughts... keep it up :3

BizarroJoe responds:

I liked the way that arm looked, I felt that straight lines added to the action line (How was it... "Fat Powerpuff meets triangles"... HAHAHAHAA!). Not so fond of the arm of the bimbo gal... It was really improvised and it looks somewhat clunky shaped... I wanted to look how would adding a little flesh at base of it would look and I didn't make it really good...
Well, that guy, the "Fallout Fighter"... I was really satisfied with that. I liked that crease on his sleeve... It the kind of simple solution I'm trying to research to add to my style.

Woo, Now I'm tired. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, It's good to know different points of view. 'Till next time!

Nice little figures!

And I know what you mean by cheap materials, I have been using Black ink and a fine brush for my lines alot, and it has been proven to be quite cheap. because it will take ages till youre bottle of ink is empty and you dont have to change the brush often if you clean it after using. It just can be cinda messy somethimes :D, and with the coloring I dont have any expensive colors either, I mostly just scratch together all the colored penicls, acryllics and colorink I have and improvise with them to make the image somewhat look colorfull enough. But since I have goten a tablet I have mostly been drawing in Photoshop so thank god for that :D I should do more traditional work though.
Btw I didnt know you didnt have a tablet! I hope Tom gives you one!

BizarroJoe responds:

My mom would've snapped my head outta my torso if I have brought anything that could drop ink into the furniture... But it was something likely to happen given the fact we were three brothers in the same room... Things have relieved a bit lately, but I'm still drawing in my kitchen's table...
Digital media would be my salvation... I was browsing keyboards and I saw the tablets so I decided to look around. I don't have much idea, but people always told me that if I should buy a tablet, I'd buy a Wacom.
A Bamboo is sold by 60 euros... I could snag my savings stash (That I have to buy my OWN computer.) and get one of these... I could afford something like that. But I still want to know a bit more about models, performance, some advice... and I'd also want to know if you can use a regular 4:3 aspect one in a widescreen monitor and viceversa... Lots of things.
I remember I asked Tom for one... In 2007.
I always wanted to "earn" one, but... Do I REALLY deserve it?
No Flashes, no Frontpages... my career hasn't been that great, I fear.
Don't know, man...
Anyway, thank you for commenting! I love to see comments in these non-portal drawings! It really means much to me, you know...

Credits & Info

Jan 7, 2010 | 7:45 AM EST
File Info
807 x 1064 px
188 kb

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