DickGal Wallpaper


Wallpaper I did for the ill-fated "Widescreen Thread".
Aaaahh, how long have I waited to post this in Newgrounds...
Yesterday, I uploaded this one in a rush because I had to go out shopping with my parents and they were just knocking at the door. I finished the upload quickly and went out with them. An hour or so later, I checked the Art Portal from my brother's store.
And I saw the little green "E" in the thumbnail.
And my face turned the same colour.

I know perfectly that I'm walking on the tightrope. Before opening my first thread, The first thing I did was contacting with a mod to check if the content would all right in the Art Forum. The feature I was more concerned about the Art Portal was the mature content filter. I am the first one in being interested in showing my risquÃffÃ'© arts only to those interested in an appropiate way.
So, correction: I'm NOT fucked up, I've JUST fucked up.
I'm not that guy on the raincoat standing at the school's door.

Cleared this mess, I hope you enjoy the picture. There's a PSP version in the Art Forum, too; there's a link in my userpage. Thank you.

P.S 01: Damn, I should've copy-pasted that comments... If only I'd realized at that moment. No wonder why are there people who are continually sending spam to newgrounds. It's a dangerously cheap way to get some laffs from unaware zealots.

P.S 02: I have to PM Bob suggesting to make checking the content rating mandatory before submitting. We don't want another witchhunt, do we?

P.S 03: I just discovered you can undelete images! Great, now I won't lose that precious amiable reviews! I'll answer them as soon I get the time. I deleted some parts of the edited text that don't had sense now, but there could still be something off yet.

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Good quality

I wonder if it could ever go the opposite way? You know, people would be depicted as having vaginas but not breasts. I guess it wouldn't work as well, because then there wouldn't be a lot of body parts to show off well. Breasts and penises are better because they're simply the bigger versions of what men and women have. Hey, they have nice uncircumcised penises! This was done quite well even though I'm not a fan of nudity.

What counts is that the quality is very flashy. The colors seem extremely vibrant and it sincerely looks like effort was put into it. It looks like they're emerging from some white space, maybe a deranged womb! Wow, did I just say that? The poses are nice and it's interesting to see such weird people rendered in a flashy way.

One of a Kind

This picture is one of your best in my opinion, keep up the good work!

BizarroJoe responds:

Happy to hear that! Luckily, I think hermaphrodites will be still a recurring topic in my work. Thanks for your comment!

Genderbender for sure.

Awesome picture man, the penises are cute (I sound like such a fag.) and the only way this piece could've been better is if the breasts were a little big bigger, since you ordinarily make pretty large breasts.

But other than that, awesome work.

BizarroJoe responds:

Oh, no you don't sound funny at all, they are meant to look like that!
I was a big-breast lover when I were a kid, but now I love all sized breasts as long I find them beautiful. So I apply that philosophy to my pics, to make each one of my girls more distinctive from the others.
Thanks a lot for your comment, I liked it much!


Wait a year don't girls ussually have a hole, not a worm?
Nice drawing, got a little grossed out by the dicks, but it's a pretty nice wallpaper!

BizarroJoe responds:

The rules of the everyday world don't apply here.
You've entered in the Mental States of BizarroJoe!!!
Thank you very much for commenting!

It's a giant clitoris!

No se que mierda te pasa por la cabeza cuando haces estas cosas pero están buenas.

BizarroJoe responds:

If that's a clit, what's that dangling under it? The labia?
Pues posiblemente una muy gorda, pero no lo puedo evitar...
¡Muchisimas gracias por pasarte a comentar!

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Jun 19, 2009
12:53 PM EDT
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