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Emotional Catharsis


A small emotionally driven illustration. Drawn on the back of a small rectangular sticky note with a ball point pen. It has several little snippets of lyrics from songs I was listening to at the time. Mostly from In Flames and One Man Army and The Undead Quartet. The figure in the middle has had his chest torn open and is has torn out his own heart. That pretty well sums up how I was feeling at the time.

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tears become thorny chains, which in turn become tubes and wires that tear the man open yet keep him alive, promised eternity (accentuated by an infinity sign on the bottom, kudos) is seen as hell and the gates of heaven are actually gates to a cemetery, topped by an upside down cross.. the paper is blotted on the upper parts by... tears? or maybe accidental water stains hahaha. i thought it added to the work, whether intentional or not. interesting symbolism sir.

you have amazing attention to detail. also, i think it's a gift that you can put your emotions into coherent drawings such as this one.

just one question i had.. why do you have "wtf?"s in your works? is it because you don't pay attention to what you're drawing until you stop and step back to look at it? or was it directed in regards to your emotions then?

great job, 10/10. keep the good work up and keep feeling it. sometimes you need those feelings to see through the all the bullshit in your eyes.

bitterritter responds:

you were right on the first time actually. Whenever I draw it's because of some kind of emotional overload and it spills out onto paper before I can really grasp what I'm thinking about or doing. Then I become engrossed in the project and embellish every last drop of emotions whether it be good or bad into it. Quite literally a mirror into my mind. I feel pain or think about it and my immediate response is to visualize it in my mind. It gets a little complex but the concept itself is quite simple. Thank you very much for your kind words. I greatly appreciate it! Cheers!!!

Intruiging work

Yeah this is a great doodle, shame it's fueled by such depression, but creativity is the best way to get it out dude :)

bitterritter responds:

Thank you. I appreciate your words. Though truly it does depend on your perspective of depression. I believe it can shed light on the most profoundly cryptic and inner most thoughts. As long as you don't use it to be an attention whore. I personally enjoy basking in the tragically beautiful truths that despondency and misery have to offer.


thats a cool skull the one with the spikes and fangs!& every things else is cool....good job

bitterritter responds:

Thank you. I appreciate your kind words. Though I admit it was somewhat rushed and haphazard. I still enjoy it for what and how it represents that time in my life.

thats ridicccc

thats pretty fucking crazy good man, sorry if u were feeling this way but thats mad ill

bitterritter responds:

Thank you. I appreciate that. No worries about the mind state though. I believe such emotions almost always bring out the better parts of one's psyche. It provides the purest perspective into the minds inner most thoughts. I've found it to the best way to truly reflect on and analyze yourself, and mayhap improve your own paradigm in ways you never though possible.

Credits & Info

2.96 / 5.00

Dec 6, 2009
7:43 PM EST
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796 x 1227 px
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