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Finn Talbert- Hazbin OC


I told myself I would do it. But with the news about Hazbin FORCED my hand. But like with everything, I had to inject my brand of twisted in this guy as well XDD

The basic idea is, even though it's hell, it's denizens (no matter how messed up) seem to have a great time, indulging in stuff that got them there in the first place. And they only have to fear for their live one day a year. Well how do we turn that on it's head. We introduce a living man. Helluva Boss showed that normal humans can exist in hell. So here we have a man who's been thrown into hell when he was 11 years old, alone, terrified and seeing everything and everyone around him as deadly, hostile and mostrous. Fast forward 20 years and what do we get?

We get Finn Talbert, a broken shell of a man, who spent these last 20 years living in hiding and isolation, hiding, surviving and fighting with selfpreservation the only goal left in his mind. He can barely speak anymore, talking broken sentences like Rorschach. At this point he's skilled enough to take on pedestrain level demons with some effort and emerge victorious, but anything above that is way over his head and retreating before being spoted is his only option.

As for his name, it's a double reference. Finn the human who's also a seemingly only human in a setting of weird creatures, and Flynn Taggart, another man stuck in hell with an equal hatred for demons. And the worst part is, unlike the demons of hell, he fears for his life 24/7. He also never smiles, wearing his utter contempt for everyone and everything on his face all the time.

Comment and Enjoy ^ ^

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wtf he looks cool imagine a human that lives in hell with the main characters thinking that he is a demon

Ok he has both a cool look and back story. My only thing a can is is this. Why the hell does he look like a guardsman from the Death Corp of Krieg?

Now THAT'S a character backstory if I ever seen one! Also what's happening with Hazbin? (It's been awhile since I check on that shit)

y e s

It's great but..... Why’d you put Niffty right there?

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4.65 / 5.00

Aug 17, 2020
3:58 PM EDT
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1583 x 1023 px
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