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This was my entry for the Isometric Pixel Art contest. Completely made in MS paint.


I like it

I actually like pixel art very much

bigjonny13 responds:

Glad you like it man, thanks.


I dont like it.... It's only a poor pixel "art"... sorry :/

bigjonny13 responds:

Thanks for hating.

Its a good job

but a couple of things:
1. I can't tell if you are trying to portray a small tv, or extremely large SNES?
2. I likes the shading though if you gave the controller a shadow you probably should have done the same for the game cartridges besides the SNES, and the SNES should probably have a slightly greater shadow then the controller
3. You should probably have given the antennas shadows as well

OTHERWISE! Nice job man!

bigjonny13 responds:

1) Small TV. TV's weren't that big back in the day XD
2) Damn, you're right, I completely missed the shadows on the cartridges.
3) I had shadows on the wall, but yeah, I should've shadowed on the TV as well.
Thanks for the comment.

good job

it looks great, i wouldn't complain, isometric work takes a lot of patience!
i bet it took hours to make. i hope it did well in the contest.

bigjonny13 responds:

Yeah, it took me a while to make, especially working with MS paint, what an annoying program XD

Not bad

For it's goal, you made it pretty well. One thing I notice is that the lettering in the poster is off. The letters should remain straight up and down with their vertical lines, but the horizontal lines should slant. The antenna seems a bit funny, too. The last of my criticism goes to the outlet. Doesn't the plug for the TV go in that empty socket? At any rate, I think you did well.

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bigjonny13 responds:

Yeah, I know the letters are off, but at that point I couldn't handle spending any more hours in MS paint creating it. I know that's not a great excuse, but it's the best I have.
Yeah, the antenna seem a bit off to me as well.
As for the outlet, I wanted to leave an open socket just for the look. Maybe the TV is plugged into an outlet on it's left which we just can't see.

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Jun 18, 2009
4:25 PM EDT
Pixel Art
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587 x 373 px
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